By Nicholas projects without much publicity built warships

It turns out that Bata designed by patrol boat SV-01 (code "Killer Whale" — aka Project OPV-88, code "Advertisement"), developed in Nikolaev Ukrainian specialists state enterprise "Research and Design Center of Shipbuilding" under the auspices of the Ukrainian-British joint venture Fast Craft Naval Supplies (UK) Limited (link to the website of this company — here). In fact, as you can tell, this joint venture created "UkrSpetsExport" in conjunction with British and Turkish partners to promote products Ukrainian naval shipbuilding in third countries. The actual construction of the ship Bata carried Bulgarian Shipyard "Dolphin" (a reference to his website — here), Varna, while the ship was wearing a fake name Kasatka and nominally built for the "Lithuanian company" as a "search and rescue vessel." Bookmark Kasatka was made June 17, 2010. The ship after sea trials departed to Equatorial Guinea in the middle of October 2011. Delivered from the Ukraine arms and equipment were installed on Bata already in Malabo Ukrainian experts (including the company "Pulse 2" from Sevastopol, remodelers naval weapons).


We board a patrol boat moored Estuario de Muni, built in Bulgaria project PV50

The Internet circulates Photo capital ship Navy Equatorial Guinea, called Bata and carrier hull number 047. The picture was taken in Malabo, which is the main naval base of Equatorial Guinea, in January 2012 (the ship itself is named, respectively, after the main port and naval base of Bath in the continental part of the country). Place of construction and craft project is unknown, although, apparently, a ship built in China. Visible armament includes a 76-mm gun mount universal automatic AK-176 and two 30-mm gun mounts AK-630 (or the Chinese copies of these systems), pronounced as extensive helipad. According to some reports, this ship in the Navy named Equatorial Guinea "frigate" and having an estimated total displacement of 2,500 tons, was introduced to the fleet of the Republic’s October 10, 2009 and was originally called Sapitan de Fragata David Eyama Angue Osa.



As is clear from the information sources and the Bulgarian plant site "Dolphin", previously contracted in 2006 is Bulgarian company built for the "Lithuanian firm" two "diving boat" project PV50 length of 50 meters with serial numbers 102 and 103. One of these "vessels", as can be judged, and a patrol vehicle Estuario de Muni, entered into the Navy of Equatorial Guinea in 2008. Where "left" the second ship is unclear.

One of two built by the "Dolphin" patrol vessel project PV50 (c) "Dolphin" 

Clarifies the origin of the publications of another project — Vietnamese gunboats project TT400TR (head boat — built in Vietnam HQ-272). The project is also designed in Nikolaev under the code "Lan" and now all the same promoutiruetsya Fast Craft Naval Supplies (UK) Limited. It also reported that before the construction of boats HQ-272 for the Vietnamese Navy, at the same Vietnamese company Hong Ha in Haiphong were three boats on the same project, but with reduced armament (two 25-mm twin guns 2M-3M) for the Coast Guard Vietnam (NCIS). The project was implemented in Vietnam with the mediation of "Ukrinmash." Vietnamese boats are also equipped with a radar system "cascade" with the radar "Delta-M."

Built in Haiphong by Ukrainian project "Lan" parent patrol boat in a series of three units for the Coast Guard in Vietnam (with) Fast Craft Naval Supplies (UK) Limited 

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