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 In the north-east of the West Siberian Plain Big River Basin is located one of the most remarkable parts of the Yamal-Nenets Autonomous Okrug — Krasnoselkupsky.  The uniqueness of Krasnoselkupsky district that is one of the few places in the Tyumen North, which is not affected by the process of oil and gas development and preserve the pristine nature and traditional way of life of the indigenous population. Area due to its remoteness has always been set aside, but times are changing. Area on the verge of great change, building a new airport in the area will soon be gas, oil and gas development begins. But first things first.


In Krasnoselkup complete backfilling of the first layer of the runway airport. After the reconstruction of the runway of the airfield will be made in the plate. This will take aircraft "AN-74", "An-178», Bombardier CRJ-100/200, «ATR-42" and other modern aircraft. 
There will also be three sites for helicopters "Mi-8" and one for "Mi-26".
The press service of the governor of Yamal reminded that the need for the reconstruction of the local airport is linked to the fact that the runway was completed in the soil performance. In the offseason, it eroded, air links with the regional center preryvalos.Pomimo renovation of the runway, construction of taxiways, parking areas open for airplanes and machinery, in-port roads and highways to the objects of electronic support operations, a new airport terminal. Be the set of works on the construction of stormwater treatment facilities, setting up communication lines and power supply facilities. In addition, the new runway will equip the modern radiosvetotehnicheskim and meteorological equipment. Reconstruction of the airport is funded by the district budget and will run for two years.

And next month, is coming historic event — the villagers get gas. Tyumen company "ZapSibGasProm-Gasification", part of the structure of "Gazprom" has paved the gas pipe from the South-Russian field.
— In such a short time the pipeline we have not yet built — told local reporters, Deputy General Director of the contractor Yevgeny Mikhailov. — In fact, the linear part of the pipeline from the South-Russian field to Krasnoselkup length of 120 kilometers was built in 4.5 months. Besides, this is the company’s first gas pipeline, built in the Far North. There were difficulties related to weather, soils, recessed appliances, but we managed to do a great job without much loss.
The first gas will start to work local power. So far, she has worked on diesel fuel. It has been reported only during the summer season from Surgut, where the delivery route is 2,573 kilometers, and Omsk — over 4133 kilometers.

 Now about the area. 

 District is located in the south-eastern part of the Yamal-Nenets Autonomous District. From north to south it stretches for 500 km from west to east — more than 350 km. The area — 106.8 thousand square meters. km, which is 14% of the autonomous area.

 Krasnoselkupsky district, with an area exceeding an area of about seventy countries — one of the least populated. The average population density is 100 square meters. kilometers — less than 10 people.
 The dominant landscape is the northern taiga. 
 Zaozerennost area is 10.5 percent. Bogging — 30 percent., Depth up to 2.5 m marshes hydrographic network is represented by rivers that form the basin of the pelvis (Varga-Sylky, Katarylka). All streams are small, and are non-navigational. Navigable river — Taz.

The uniqueness of the situation in the region, which is almost a century here was the geographic center of our state. Back in the early XX century, a native of the province of Tobolsk great scientist Mendeleev found that the geographic center of the Russian Empire is located in the upper reaches of the Taz River, in the district of Krasnoselkupsky. Later, here in Krasnoselkup District, marks the center of the Soviet Union.
 In 1983, the Geographical Society of the USSR Academy of Sciences organized the expedition here to open in the district of the memorial sign in honor of D. Mendeleev, calculate such a significant geographical point. The sign was installed August 24, 1983 on the right bank of the river Taz, a mile below the Malaya Shirta, near the village of Ratta.
 Currently, the geographical center of the Russian state has shifted to the east — to the central districts of the Krasnoyarsk Territory. 
The population of the district — about 8 million people, of whom Selkups — about 1,300 people, the administrative center — the village Krasnoselkup.
 In the lakes and rivers of the area are found Krasnoselkup whitefish, whitefish, white salmon, trout, peled. In a unique system of Devil’s Lake and the upper reaches of the rivers Tolka and Ratta — tugunok, tender delicacy fish, "Royal herring." The forests are rich cloudberry, cranberry, cranberries and blueberries. For hunting — big game, sable and marten. There are deer, moose and bears.

 Temple in Krasnoselkup






District and is famous for the fact that here in the XVII century housed the legendary Mangazeya. Mangazeya fort was laid in 1601, he was an outpost in the development of modern Tazovsko-Turuhanskogo north and the promotion of Russian Yenisei. About the city’s wealth was legendary for Mangazeev firmly established the nickname "Mangazeya zlatokipyaschaya." In the period 1630-1637 years — the time for Mangazeya not the best — hence it was removed about half of sable skins. Trade relations of the city went far beyond Russia: a Pomeranian city he was associated with the large companies in Western Europe. 


For ’71 the city has survived two devastating fire, the second fire led to the rapid degradation of the city. In 1672 he released an official decree of Tsar Alexei Mikhailovich, the abolition of the city. Mangazeya was finally abandoned in 1677, and its garrison was transferred to the Yenisei — Turuhanskom cabin on the site where in 1672 the city was laid out new Mangazeya (Staroturuhansk) (from the 1780’s called Turuhanskom). Now, the Mangazeya carried out archaeological excavations.



 The dist
rict center is built Krasnoselkup District since 1937. The place where the village is located, has Selkup name "Nyary mah." Translated into Russian language — tundra, waterlogged wood. According to old-timers, there were tribal settlement Silverstov Erminigelovicha Andreev, in the district were his ryboohotugodya. His son worked as the first chairman of the Tym-Karakonskogo kind. Before 1937, the center-Tym Karakonskogo village council was Tserkovenka, based in sorokakilometrah from Krasnoselkup. When in the summer of that year! Taz river has dried up the location of the modern village, delivery of goods to Tserkovenku was difficult. In the town "Nyary mah" built a warehouse for goods. Facilities for storage and the first houses in the village were cut down by the former minister of the church of Paul and Mikhail Vladimirovich Zavodovsky Silverstovichem Andreev. It has been translated from the school Tserkovenki, in 1938 it had an enrollment of 26 students. It formed one of the largest cult-bases, which became the administrative center. According to archival documents of 1937-1938 shows that the radio worked Krasnoselkup narkomsvyazi, department, clinic, red corner, a savings bank branch.
According to the census of 1937, the basin of the river Taz Turuhanskom area in the village of 148 people living Krasnoselkup. On the territory of the Board was based farm "Tug", which in 1938 was renamed the Kirov collective farm. In 1941, he united the economy is already 84. Since then, the village began to develop horticulture, animal husbandry, farming, and reindeer herds were already pretty big. They cultivated barley, wheat, rye. Were imported cattle, pigs, horses for farm animal. Before the 50’s main means of transport were deer. Since 1957, with the opening of navigation on the river Taz Taz boats began to come river port. First An-2 were on floats and in the winter skiing and just sat on the river.
The big change in the life of the village occurred in the second half of the 70s, with the start of exploratory drilling for oil and gas. In 1978 he created geological party, construction management, formed ATP, EW fleet, timber industry. Since that time, the population began to grow in the village, which has necessitated a rapid pace to lead the construction of housing, community facilities. Today, the municipality with. Krasnoselkup home to more than 5,000 residents, of which fifteen hundred members of the indigenous population.

 Surprising large number of monuments. Monument reindeer herder.





The monument to the fishermen.



Monument hunter.




 Monument to the Discoveries and the traditional Yamal bowels.






Monument to the cameraman.




Historical and Ethnographic Museum Complex "Selkup house" 



These are the homes here.

New School 



Sculpture in front of the school.




The eternal flame. 


And another.



New residential buildings.




Many old houses repaired. 








 Music school



















 And in the end, Krasnoselkup from the air.


"Krasnoselkup"On Yandeks.Fotkah



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