By the volume of military spending in 2009, Our homeland took 7th place in the world

By the volume of military spending in 2009, Our homeland took 7th place in the world with a measure of 37.875 billion dollars.

Analysis of the global military expenditures 2009 year indicates that the absolute favorite is the United States with the index 574.07 billion dollars. This is followed by China (2 place, 70.5 billion dollars), England (3rd place, 59.131 billion dollars), France (4th, 54.446 billion dollars), Japan (5th, 49.74 billion dollars), Germany (6th, 47.466 billion dollars), Our homeland (7th, 37.875 billion dollars), Saudi Arabia (8th, 32.654 billion dollars), Italy (9 place, 30.489 billion dollars), India (10th, 29.184 billion dollars).

In 2009 the cumulative global defense spending amounted to 1.335 trillion dollars.

Despite the increase in military spending in ruble terms in Baksova equivalent in terms of the annual average exchange rate of the ruble against the U.S. greenback, Our homeland has lowered the amount of military spending in 2009 as compared to 2008 (40.426 billion dollars).

Downward trend in military spending in 2009 is characteristic for the majority of countries that explains the global economic crisis.

Of the first 10 matches of which have the biggest military spending, the level of defense spending in 2009 compared to 2008 reduced to the equivalent of 6 Baksova States. Apart from the Russian Federation, the USA, England, France, Germany and Italy.

Japan, which dropped in 2009, the military expenditure in national currency, nevertheless, has a positive growth in terms Baksova from the sustainable growth rate of the yen against the U.S. greenback in the past year.

The real growth in defense spending 2009, in comparison with 2008, have three countries — China, Saudi Arabia and India.

Military construction in most of the world remains a priority because some reduction in defense spending 2009 as a whole should be regarded as only a temporary phenomenon.

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