C «MiG contract for research and development on drones

Russian Aircraft Corporation "MiG", which won the tender Industry and Trade of the Russian Federation, May 15 signed a contract for research and development work on the drone. The contract defines the shape of the future of unmanned aircraft for the Defense Ministry. The achievements of the corporation is already there. They are based on the program "Skat". 

Mock combat UAV "Scat" was first presented at the air show "MAKS-2007". Its purpose is to strikes as previously explored by stationary targets, as well as on mobile land and sea targets. Combat missions "Scat" can perform independently from all or in conjunction with manned aircraft.

Unmanned combat aerial vehicle "Scat" is made in the form of "flying wing". "Flying wing", weighs 10 tons, combat load — up to 2 tons, length of flight — to 4 thousand kilometers above the ground speed of up to 800 km / h

I would also like to note that under the "State program of rearmament — 2020" and "2013 state defense order" to the end of the year in the Eastern Military District expected to arrive over 20 new multi-functional SU-30 and SU-35.

Igor Korotchenko, Chief Editor of "National Defense", said "However," that such a development is necessary to our armed forces:

— I consider this a promising development, given that the drone strike at us while not in the line of weapons. We need it. Given the potential for "MiG" and available engineering and design, we can get hurt on the output of a good machine.

To date, we have intelligence bespilostniki, mostly made in Israel. Of course, Israel has given us no new developments and, again, it’s not about drums. We need their own drums drones, equipped with a wide range of modern missile guided weapons to carry out without human search and destroy targets.

Of course, only on the results of the tests will be to draw conclusions, but I think all the "MiG" is capable of a good result. Trends of warfare require the presence of this unique type of aircraft.

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