Cabinet has doubled the state order for training of administrators and programmers

The Ukrainian government has approved the state order for training and retraining of personnel required in 2013. To fund this program allocated UAH 24.7 billion, which is 5.6% more than last year. Thus, according to the country’s needs for specialists, this year, half (50%) increased the volume of public procurement mainly in technical disciplines. In particular IT technologies: computer science, systems analysis, computer science, computer engineering, software engineering, systems engineering, automated and computer-integrated technologies, micro-and nano-electronics, security, communications and information systems, telecommunications, system of technical protection of information management information security, etc.


Also increased by 14.5% state order for training of specialists in the fields, "engineering", "Metallurgy and Materials," "materials processing", "Electrical Engineering and Electrical Engineering" and "the development of mineral resources."

At the same time reduced the state order for International Economics (23.1%), lawyers and marketing managers (11.1%), Bachelor in Economics and Business (11.7%). According to the Cabinet, "overproduction" on these specialties has led to the fact that graduates can not find jobs in these occupations.

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