Cabinet outpatient hemodialysis opened in Urai (Khanty-Mansiysk)

"The opening of the cabinet hemodialysis — an event which we walked for years. The city administration, experts central city hospital with the support and assistance of the Department of Health Khanty-Mansiysk did a great job, so that patients were able to receive this high-tech, expensive service in Urai, without leaving the city, "- said the head of Alex Zabozlaev, speaking at the opening of the office.

Get help residents Urai can absolutely free. Previously, patients had to travel to Nyagan to treatment.

The Department of Health has purchased for the office of Ugra 3 apparatus "artificial kidney". The service is equipped with modern centralized water purification system that automatically fed to the machine.

"In Urai will work on modern equipment. This equipment company GAMBRO Sweden, high-class. In other towns of the district, these devices have proven to be 100% quality ", — said Sergey Malashenko, head of the district hospital hemodialysis Surgut. According to the press service of the "Center for Preventive Medicine."

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