Calculations troops aerospace defense have taken up on alert

The first duty shift command post Forces Aerospace Defense (ASD) December 1 to intercede on alert.


It is known as lined the top level of ASD. They rule their former chief military Russian cosmonaut Lt. Gen. Oleg Ostapenko and his first deputy — General Valery Ivanov. The new structure includes two command. Space — led by Major General Oleg Maidanovich. And the command of the air and missile defense, under the command of Major-General Sergei Popov.

Functions of the new units were distributed according to their title. On the Space Command closed the radar missile warning and space surveillance system. In addition, the general Maidanovich oversees the main center for testing and control constellation of Defense.

As for the command of troops and missile defense, that the first stage in his submission defense handed division and three anti-aircraft missile brigade S-400. They are stationed in Moscow and cover the capital from air attack. Over time, this will strengthen the link of other air defense compounds, including armed promising set of C-500. In addition, the alert through the air-space defense will provide radar troops.

The logic of this decision is understandable, because "pyatisotki" will be capable of destroying hypersonic targets in near space, at a distance of 600 kilometers. The appearance of the C-500 in the forces expected in 2020.

Who are closed structure of the new army, at the time explained the Chief of General Staff Nikolai Makarov: "It is created at the General Staff, headed by the General Staff and the control it will be the General Staff."

By the way, the chief of staff from the beginning was against the construction of aerospace defense by removing weapons and equipment of the military districts. Ideally, it was necessary to create a structure equipped with a brand new arsenal. However, while it is not enough, some technique and some objects will have to work as if on two fronts — in the county and the general system of ASD.

As for the main function of the air and space defense, something about them more than once said Gen. Valery Ivanov. According to him, "the main task, which is placed in front of ASD, to reveal the beginning of the attack and warned the country’s leadership for the further decision-making: to detect, delete, suppress and conceal objects," writes "Rossiyskaya Gazeta".

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