California legalized the rights of transgender people in schools

Text:Russia Today

The authorities of the U.S. state passed a law on transgender, which was submitted for consideration in July, reports the BBC. School children of this state will be able to officially use male or female toilets in accordance with their preferences.

"Will the other students uncomfortable with transgender? Probably. I do not want to downplay the problem, a new experience often brings discomfort. However, this can not be an excuse to not deal with prejudice "- said the author of the bill Tom Ammiano.

Some schools in the United States has followed the same rules, but the author of the law said that California was first given powers to deal with such statutes. Two states — Massachusetts and Connecticut — a policy that allows the resort to such innovations, but without legalization.

We have previously reported the American family from the state of Colorado, which a court has made for his six year old Coy Mathis rights of the citizenry as a transgender. Commission on Civil Rights eventually recognized his right to use both male and female toilets.

Transgender person — a person who considers himself a person of the opposite sex. Typically, acute mismatch of biological and psychological gender manifests in childhood, but most people hide it.

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