Can I hear the meteors?

Can I hear the meteors? It is interesting

After a meteor shower is sometimes there are messages that people hear the meteors. Moreover, the most prominent representatives made a low hissing sound, like the sound of the meat that is fried.

Scientists, astronomers believe these assumptions well-founded. Falling, meteor burns at a height of 100 kilometers above the earth. Since the speed of sound is less than the speed of light, the noise from a large meteor will be heard only a few minutes after his appearance in the field of view. Noise object flying at an altitude of 100 km, can be listened to five minutes after the fixation of the flight. These meteors are called "sound". The noise of their flight resembles cotton from ultrasonic supersonic aircraft.

Attention is drawn to the meteors make sounds directly into the fall. According to Dr. Colin Kaye of the University of Newcastle, Australia, the phenomenon is real and is called "electrosonic meteors." These objects emit low frequency radio waves, flying at the speed of light. Waves themselves can not hear, but they make terrestrial objects in its path to vibrate. Vibration occurs sound made by people over the hiss of a flying meteor.

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