can immediately congratulate Anzhi and Alanya?

Known agent Alexei Safonov said recent events in the first division, hinting at the fact that the fate of vouchers in the Premier League is far from solved in a fair fight. — In his blog, you recently made a strong statement: "I have the impression that the PFL decided: this year in the Premier League, as it was called in the Brezhnev era, under the order should go out" Alania "and" Anji ". Can detail? [cut] In the game "Anji" against "SKA-Energia" and "Ray" rates were not accepted. All football people saying the difference in these matches will be in two balls, and then God forbid someone from accidentally rivals score. — I really expressed that view. Due to the nature of their work (I have a lot of customers playing in the first division), I’ve seen a lot of games this year, including those involving the "Anji" and "Alan". Vladikavkaztsy the game really look not bad. teams have a good selection of players, decent coach Valeri Petrakov, who has long worked in the first division. He is an experienced fighter. But on the "Anji" I’m having some issues. too easily given this team win some games. — Can give some examples? — Strange matches of "Anji" was a lot. example, a game with "KAMAZ". chelnintsy led 1-0, and the third minute of added time got a penalty in the gate for what Gognieva ball hit in the shoulder. Surprising that the matches involving the Makhachkala team and its main competitors are often appointed arbitrators from the southern region. I have talked to many experts. Nearly everyone says to "Anji" really are more loyal than other teams. means that all are equal, and they are more equal … — An indicator of strange games often serve bookmakers. — Yes. Note that in the game, "Anji" against "SKA-Energia" and "Ray" rates were not accepted. All football people say, the difference in these matches will be two ball, and then God forbid some of the opponents chance to score. And so it happened: one game ended with the score 3-1, and the other — 2:0. every way "knocked out" of the system and its competitors. — Like what? — One of the leading players, "Siberia" Bukhryakov got shestimatchevuyu suspension for hard butt in a match with "Anji." five times I watched this moment. players were face to face. Why are punished for such period? In a match of "Siberia" with "Chernomorets" player novorossiytsev generally catches the ball with his hands — by the judge no reaction. And you know what the inspector said after the game? "He did not mean to catch the ball." I’m such an interpretation did not hear. — A sharp comment you gave to the match, "Siberia" with "KAMAZ" . Professionals’re all very predictable. lot of joking, "Let’s advance Let us assume in the Premier League," Alan "and" Anji "and then on an equal basis giving away two more trips." — Yes. Can I see replays of goals on the site "KAMAZ" . One goal was scored by hand after the game, and the second from an offside position. And I know for many years the head coach of "KAMAZ" Yuri Gazzaev. To him I have no questions. This person is not engaged in okolofutbolnaya affairs. obvious that involved a third party will not say what it is. Apparently, the "Siberia" has got out too, so it decided the brakes. Same thing at the time and did with "KAMAZ". At the gates of this team was appointed almost more of a penalty. My clients are acting in the "KAMAZ" laugh: "If our goal was not given a 11-meter, there is a feeling that we played a simple friendly game." — a word, the first division does not become cleaner? — For professionals here are all very predictable. lot of joking, "Let’s advance Let us assume in the Premier League "Alan" and "Anji" and then on an equal basis giving away two more trips. "It’s not even the exit of two more teams, just want to see a normal, honest football. Though the second division — at the swamp. I can say in advance which groups of which teams will receive a boost in the classroom. — Usually strange matches occur in the second round. — It happens all. Sometimes there are debts from last season. And still today in many clubs hit by the crisis. do not even have enough money for air travel. Why not take advantage of help others? Clubs that have finances and are aiming to go up, it can play on it. Sometimes they advance, with the first round of preparing the soil itself to improve in the classroom. Do we need a football?

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