Canceled unreasonable expensive purchases through

Republican budget

Head of the Agency of the Republic of Komi for Social Development Ilya Semyashkina today reported on the performance of the commission Head of the Republic of Komi Vyacheslav Gaiser.

"The order that you gave to cancel plans to purchase a jeep Kunibskogo psycho-neurological boarding — done. In addition, we analyzed the state of the car park facilities, currently in a boarding school already has a bus. Therefore propose to use this money for the purchase of transport for another psycho-neurological boarding — in the village Letka "- suggested I.Semyashkin.

Vyacheslav Gaiser supported the proposal. "Purchasing information from the national budget — a lot. It may well be that someone can not have a personal interest in the acquisition of the equipment, but in any case it is necessary to follow a clear, what and for whom is purchased. One of the examples I have already given — these are the machines for municipalities. Let these solutions remain on the conscience of municipal deputies, in my opinion, to chase the Moscow fashion for luxury SUVs — costly for our neighborhoods. His most recent example — the announcement of bidding for the purchase of the TV for half a million rubles. Honestly, for me it was an unpleasant surprise. So I have already instructed to cancel the tender for the purchase of this wonderful technology. I hope that such "surprises" My administration will not do more ", — said the Head of the Republic of Komi.

However, he noted that he considers justified and working mechanism, when the information about the "strange" ppl are social activists. "He said, and ready to repeat, this joint effort — one of the clearest manifestations of citizenship, and in each case — thanks for each specific information", — stated Vyacheslav Gaiser.

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