Capital SWAT creates its own social network

Capital detachment of special police (OMON) received a very special gift for his 25th birthday. Special Forces presented a domain name According to the newspaper "Izvestia", the police are going to use it to create their own social networks in which they, as well as other visitors will be able to communicate on a variety of topics, play educational games and to provide feedback on the service or work unit. In the near future this domain are going to tie sites riot police units in all regions.

The domain name was registered in 2000 and more than 10 years belonged to a private individual. Recently, it was purchased by a representative of the domain name registrar REG.RU. Oct. 23 address to the company extended a division of the Moscow OMON.

— It is necessary to raise the prestige of the police service, including promoting it through special sites — told "Izvestia" co-owner REG.RU Philip Gross-Dnepr. — It is necessary to show how the soldiers are risking their lives, what kind of hard training are: how they are trained in martial techniques, stormed the building, are tactical exercises.

According to Philip Gross Dneprova, unit should fill the site interesting content, publish it on their own materials on the OMON, a page memory of the fallen soldiers.

The press service of the Center for special purposes rapid reaction forces of the MOI of Russia in Moscow to "News" said that the gift is very happy and is now debating how will use the new domain.

— We plan to create a multifunctional portal on it, — the "News" in the special forces. — Perhaps, the site will be a forum of riot, educational games for the citizens. Muscovites will be able to feel as a member of a squad — trained in combat techniques, find out the legal aspects of the work, to try to apprehend the offender.

Experts and police themselves now decide how it will look new site. According to one of the basic versions, with OMON may receive its own social network.

— Analogue Facebook or Twitter can be done on any site — said the "News" co-owner REG.RU Philip Gross-Dnepr.

It is possible that the portal will be a place for opinion polls policemen.

— Recently, in some parts of the Ministry of Internal Affairs discussed enterprise portals, which would be conducted polls of employees — that they were not satisfied with the service, what challenges face — told "Izvestia" member of the public council of the MOI Russia Central Federal District Jaroslav lead. — I think that such features could be added to the portal and

According to Yaroslav Svintsov such surveys should be anonymous to avoid any pressure on the police. The results should be sent directly to the leadership of the agency or department.

According to the "News" in the near future may begin in the third level domain registration across all of the Russian OMON, which will first be referred to the name of the region, and then

Riot policemen themselves in an interview with "Izvestia" admitted that they are interested in creating your own social network. Police cited the example of Twitter and "Live Journal" that they regularly visit. According to them, many are now also listed on the websites of "contact" and "Classmates", but not under their own names — the authorities did not encourage them to "shine" in social networks. For this reason, the police tend not to discuss business issues in social networks and spread the photos.


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