CAPTAINS puts on CSKA Moscow, Zenit and Vagner Love

At the start of the XVIII Championship Russian journalists "SE" on the already long tradition of ten questions were asked by the captains of the Premier League.


[B] 1. What you pleasantly and unpleasantly surprised in the 1st round? [/ B]

Sergei Semak, the captain of the "Rubin":

— Pleasantly surprised by the quality of the natural fields, which were opening match. It turns out that you can prepare the lawn of the necessary quality, even in our weather conditions. Unpleasant discovery — the weather in Kazan on the day of our game. We played in the day when she, unfortunately, deteriorated.

Igor Akinfeev, CSKA captain:

— As in the opening round, we made sure of victory, I liked everything.

Dmitry Khokhlov, captain of the "Dinamo":

— Pleasantly surprised by the quality of the lawn at the stadium in Khimki, which this year became our home. Bad impression left by lackluster quality of the game, "Dinamo", even if the winning score. Hopefully will be able to seriously improve.

Martin Kushev, Captain, "Amkar":

— Much trouble the first round did not bring, except maybe the judge will not count our goals to the "growth". There was, and still am in the firm belief that the ball is scored correctly. Pleasantly surprised by the many newcomers to the game of Russian teams. The level of the championship is not exactly down, and the tournament promises to be very interesting.

Anatoliy Tymoshchuk, captain of the "Zenith":

— Pleased that all championship teams started without delay, so this year will be highly competitive and uncompromising fight until the last round. A frustrated loss of points "Zenith" in Moscow.

Ruslan Ajinjal, Captain, "Wings of the Soviets":

— The most enjoyable in the first round was of excellent quality field in Pyatigorsk. But the unpleasant was that to prepare for the opening match with "the Tom" had on the artificial turf of Luzhniki, and then had to play on natural soil, which is usually risky. Fortunately, this time there were no injuries.

Diniyar Bilyaletdinov, the captain of the "Locomotive":

— Pleased that in a match with "Khimki" created a lot of dangerous moments, but disappointing that have not been able to score another goal.

Martin Yiraneka, the captain of the Moscow "Spartak":

— Both pleased and disappointed with the support of fans. Fans of "Spartacus," there were a lot on the start the championship game, which could not fail to inspire. In turn, the fight for the podium, "Zenith" has left a pleasant sensation.

Yuri Zhevnov, Captain, "Moscow":

— Upset defeat at the last minute. Always a shame to lose these games when you’re playing very well. Here is the game of our team have just pleased. Summed up the implementation of moments, which created enough.

Timur Dzhabrailov, Captain, "Terek":

— The worst was that the management of "Spartak" Nalchik has called into question the quality of refereeing Yuri Baskakov in our game. A pleasant was the realization that it was possible to give a holiday to thousands of fans who were waiting for us to just win.

Miodrag Dzhudovicha, captain of the "Spartak" Nalchik:

— A pleasant discovery — football, which showed a lot of teams in the first games, and fields. The fans at the stadium did not miss, and the players did not have to suffer, fighting the bumps and dirt. Trouble — judging, we have come across in Grozny. Our team has touched the way the episodes were treated exactly the same. Whenever sympathies were given to our opponents.

Valery Klimov, Captain "Tom":

— Loved the goal Pogrebnyak "Spartacus." I note on the first round, "Ruby" and "Moscow", not like the fact that we were not allowed to play with the "Wings of the Soviets" in Tomsk.

Roman Berezovsky, the captain of "Khimki":

— It was nice to officiate. In my opinion, all the games were no scandals. Pointed to the normal quality golf for the first round. Unpleasant things were not, and I hope before the end of the championship will not be.

[B] Michael aspen, captain of "growth": [/ b]

— Pleased that won points in Perm, the more that we have never been there before, even a draw could not catch. So the start was a success. As for the other matches of the tour, the special surprises, and surprises can not see — almost all played as expected. Like the match "Spartak" — "Zenith". However, he ended up with the most likely outcome.

Andrew trampling, Captain, "Kuban":

— The unpleasant surprise of the first round of one thing — we Biggest Loser in Kazan. Pleasantly surprised by the atmosphere of a start of the tour, the entourage of matches and all of the emotions associated with the beginning of the season. In addition, we should note a very good quality golf almost all the stadiums. In Kazan, in particular, agronomists did a great job.

[B] 2. Who will be the champion of Russia? [/ B]

Semak: — Some of the 16 clubs in the Premier League, which was launched in the championship.

Akinfeev: — I want to become a champion CSKA Moscow.

Khokhlov: — "Dynamo".

KUSHEV: — CSKA, if no one of the strongest players in the army did not go abroad.

Tymoshchuk: — Our team. Before the "Zenith" are always the maximum problem. The fight for first place will take place between many teams, especially since the prize gives the right to participate in the Champions League.

Ajinjal: — CSKA and "Zenith".

Bilyaletdinov: — I hope, "Locomotive".

Yiranek: — CSKA, "Spartacus," "Locomotive" and "Zenith".

Zhevnov — If we do not, then either CSKA or "Zenith".

Jabrayilov: — One of the three "Zenith" CSKA "Ruby."

Dzhudovich: — "Zenit".

Klimov: — "Zenith" and CSKA Moscow.

Berezovsky: — "Zenith" and CSKA Moscow.

[B] aspen: [/ b] — CSKA.

Topcu: — Most likely, one of the top clubs representing Russia in European competition.

[B] 3. What other clubs will compete for medals? [/ B]

Semak: — CSKA and "Zenith" — these are the two main favorite of the tournament, but in addition they have a group of teams that can make this duet competition. This is our team, which is counting on a good result, and clubs such as the "Dynamo," "Spartacus," "Locomotive".

Akinfeev: — Clubs, which in recent years took place at the top of the table.

Khokhlov: — "Zenith", "Ruby", CSKA Moscow "Locomotive", "Spartacus."

KUSHEV: — "Zenith", "locomotive", "Spartacus."

Tymoshchuk: — the fight for the prizes will probably be lead 8 — 9 clubs.

Ajinjal: — "Dinamo", "locomotive", "Ruby" and, I hope, "Wings of the Soviets."

Bilyaletdinov: — CSKA, "Zenith", "Spartacus," "Dynamo".

Yiranek: — "Dinamo", "Ruby" and "Wings of the Soviets."

Zhevnov: — In addition to the above three teams, I think, still "Spartacus," "Locomotive", "Dynamo" and, of course, "Ruby."

Jabrayilov: — "Spartacus" and "Locomotive", if they manage to change something in the game.

Dzhudovich: — "Locomotive" CSKA Moscow "Spartak" Moscow

Klimov: — "Ruby", "locomotive", "Spartacus."

Berezovsky: — "Spartacus," "Ruby" maybe "Locomotive".

[B] aspen: [/ b] — "Zenith", "Locomotive" and "Dynamo".

Topcu: — I’m sure there will be teams that will surprise everyone with their results.

[B] 4. What place in the final table of your team you will be satisfied?

[/ B]

Semak: — It would be nice to finish in the top three, although the task for the season the club is formed as "a place in the UEFA zone."

Akinfeev: — We have only one goal — the first place.

Khokhlov: — If you get into the top three winners.

KUSHEV: — The same as last year — the 4th.

Tymoshchuk: — Only the first. The remaining places, even given the right to play in European competition, do not bring satisfaction to finish the tournament.

Ajinjal: — Judging by last year, that is quite satisfied with the place is not below the sixth.

Bilyaletdinov: — prize.

Yiranek: — Place in the top three.

Zhevnov: — I would be very happy if get into the top three winners. However, the leadership of the task in front of us to take a place in the area of European club football. Run it, too bad.

Jabrayilov: — The place is not lower than last year. But I think this season we are capable of much more.

Dzhudovich: — From 6th to 8th.

Klimov: — In the top ten.

Berezovsky: — not less than eighth place.

[B] aspen: [/ b] — place in the top ten.

Topcu: — I would be satisfied if the "Kuban" will take second place.

[B] 5. Who will be the best player of the tournament? [/ B]

Semak: — The most difficult question in the questionnaire. Today there is no player in our league, which could be considered to be one of the best for a number of years. As for the candidates, these people play in "Zenith" and CSKA Moscow, but strong players with the potential to be the first to dispute the equal and worthy, is in "Spartacus" and "Locomotive". All this gives a particular dispute intrigue, increasing interest in this fight.

Akinfeev: — No comments.

Khokhlov: — Pogrebnyak.

KUSHEV: — Vagner Love, if the summer will not leave CSKA.

Tymoshchuk: — At this title will qualify those who play smoother and more confident and will spend the entire season on a high level.

Ajinjal: — Vagner Love.

Bilyaletdinov: — I hope to hear new names.

Yiranek: — I hope you will be our best newcomer Alex.

Zhevnov: — I think Vagner Love.

Jabrayilov: — This is all the data from our freshman Georgieva. Among others I can name Zhirkov and Danny.

Dzhudovich: — Danny.

Klimov: — Pavel Pogrebnyak.

Berezovsky — Vagner Love, who has already shown himself the best, and if he leaves, then Ziryanov.

[B] aspen: [/ b] — I wish it was one of the young Russian players.

Topcu: — This will become clear only during the season.

[B] 6. Who will be the top scorer of the Premier League? [/ B]

Semak: — We have a team has three forwards who can score goals. This Roman Adamov, Gekdeniz Karadeniz and Sasha Bukhari. If one of them won the argument, I would have regarded this event as a very expensive and nice gift. And as a competitor of my partners, it’s Vagner Love.

Akinfeev: — The one who scores the most goals.

Khokhlov: — Hope Kerzhakov. Then the "Dinamo" will definitely be in the top three.

KUSHEV: — Vagner Love.

Tymoshchuk: — The player is one of the teams, which will take place from the first to the fifth.

Ajinjal: — Jan Koller.

Bilyaletdinov: — Sychev.

Yiranek: — I hope that Welliton.

Zhevnov: — Vagner Love. If you do not Yakubko, of course …

Jabrayilov: — Vagner Love.

Dzhudovich: — Vagner Love.

Klimov: — Pavel Pogrebnyak.

Berezovsky — Vagner Love, but I hope and our strikers. They can also compete for the title of top scorer if they will have good luck.

[B] aspen: [/ b] — Vagner Love, if it does not go away in the summer.

Topcu: — One of the attackers of our top clubs.

[B] 7. Which team and which player will be the main findings of the season? [/ B]

Semak: — Hardly CSKA and my "Ruby" can qualify for these laurels, and so will highlight the number of other "Moscow." This team is a good coach, a strong line-up, has its own spectacular game. This team has a lot to spoil the mood and plans. I can not say a few words about "Spartacus." Finally, it seems to me among the fans of this team have good reason to hope for a breakthrough on that performance in the championship dreamed of by people who worry about the red and white.

Akinfeev: — It is difficult to answer, because none of the potential newcomers, but our Shchennikova in fact has ever seen. Of course, I would like to major discovery was the player of CSKA.

Khokhlov: — As the team hard to answer, but among the players, I hope, in a loud voice announced by a young Dynamo Kokorin.

KUSHEV: — I do not know, he did not see all the competitors on the field.

Tymoshchuk: — All will depend on the starting stages and levels of the game, which will show one or the other player.

Ajinjal: — Do not know.

Bilyaletdinov: — "Kuban" Sergei Ovchinnikov.

Yiranek: — Alex. Surprise can be expected from those who have returned to the Premier League.

Zhevnov: — I hope that the "Moscow" will be opening for all. [U] But our Sasha Marenich can pull this role among the players. [/ U]

Jabrayilov: — I would like the discoveries were "Terek" and some of our newcomers.

Dzhudovich: — "Spartak" Nalchik, Kazbek Geteriev.

Klimov: — "Terek" and CSKA defender Shennikov.

Berezovsky: — I can only say "Khimki": the open season may well be the Buffon, who has not played in the Premier League, leather, Cvetkovic.

[B] aspen: [/ b] — Would like to see them become a "growth" as a year ago, "Amkar".

Topcu: — I hope it will be "Kuban" and one of its players.

[B] 8. Who are the newbies on your team gain a real feel now? [/ B]

Semak: — We come to people who probably will join the right composition, strengthening and diversifying the game, "Ruby." This Kaleshin, Navas and fast, already debuted at the base. Certainly help the team and Dominguez, declared at the last moment. I note Gorbantsa. He is also a holder of our team and has fit in it, being able to express themselves well.

Akinfeev: — It is too early to talk about it.

Khokhlov: — Ropotana.

KUSHEV: — Well look both Brazilian William and Jean Carlos.

Tymoshchuk: — Our newcomers have joined the team look good, every player who has come to our team, we can assume gain.

Ajinjal: — All newcomers are able to strengthen our team.

Bilyaletdinov: — All newcomers.

Yiranek: — Boyarintseva and Alex, who has a very good reputation.

Zhevnov: — Everyone who came (and we have three newcomers — Yakubko, Tarasov and Grigalava), strengthened our team.

Jabrayilov: — Georgieva, Kobenko, Arturo.

Dzhudovich: — Artem End and Leandro.

Klimov: — I am sure that all the newcomers will help the team.

Berezovsky: — Three I have already mentioned, and another Maksimov and Nastich.

[B] aspen: [/ b] — I would not want anyone to allocate. Strengthen the team can each of our newcomers.

Topcu: — Sani Kite.

[B] 9. Check out a visit to any of the Premier League club for you the most enjoyable and why? [/ B]

Semak: — It is a pity that the departed Vladivostok. I loved this trip. Beautiful, unusual city, sea, a step away from the arena, the stadium is full to capacity, experiencing both its own and for football. Now, this is not, and the Premier League will not run short of charm, which gave her "Ray." So we have to vote for Peter. Also a city with a twist, and the fans there are! I’m there now twice as nice to go — to the fellow who this winter became head of the team "Zenith". I own Radimova mean. I also love to come to Moscow, but it goes without saying — how many years spent there, and it’s a good year …

Akinfeev: — [u] I am glad that the Premier League clubs have returned from Krasnodar and Rostov-on-Don. In these cities, a real football atmosphere in the stadiums, so play nice. [/ U]

Khokhlov: — I love to go to the games with "Kuban". There is an opportunity in his hometown to see his mother, friends and acquaintances who always come to the stadium to call home, and sometimes, if time will stand after the game.

KUSHEV: — I like to play in St. Petersburg, where the real football atmosphere, and in Moscow, too, and with any club.

Tymoshchuk: — From the atmosphere in the stadium and its infrastructure — the stadium "Locomotive". There’s always a pleasure to play.

Ajinjal: — With pleasure flew to Vladivostok, with whom I have connected a lot of good memories. But, alas, that’s not possible.

Bilyaletdinov: — [u] I like trips to the southern teams — in Rostov [/ u] and Krasnodar. [U] There’s always a good field and weather. [/ U]

Yiranek: — Drive to Cherkizovo for the match with the "locomotive". Beautiful stadium, where our games often are not empty seats.

Zhevnov: — Always nice to go to St. Petersburg. There are constantly going full stadium and play in such a situation — a pleasure. Even though the stands are ill against your team.

Jabrayilov: — In Kazan, where we won last year. All of which elevate mood.

Dzhudovich: — In St. Petersburg in connection with a good atmosphere in the stadium.

Klimov: — St. Petersburg.

Berezovsky — now good conditions for football in any city, let alone in the mid 90s. And come to visit most like to go where he played before — to the "Zenith" and the Moscow "Dynamo".

[B] aspen: [/ b] — Probably, "Kuban". Still derby. It is a pity that not every year is adjusted to meet them.

Topcu: — I have a lot of friends in Moscow, and I’m always happy to go there I go. If we talk about the club, it’s FC "Moskva", where I played before.

[B] 10. At what an extraordinary act you would be willing, if your team at the start of the season won five straight wins? [/ B]

Semak: — Five — nothing! We have it already was. Now, if we repeat his last year’s record, or update it, I am ready for any act within reason. If only it did not affect my family and my safety and my family.

Akinfeev: — We do not think about the extraordinary deeds, and set a goal to win all the matches in which he took part.

Khokhlov: — At any act within reason. Usually promise to shave, but I do not have a mustache and trimmed and so short. I can in the case of five wins in a row to cut "at zero" any of the long-haired teammates.

KUSHEV: -‘d shaved off his hair.

Tymoshchuk: — I always try a balanced approach to every situation and his actions.

Ajinjal: — Cover with a beautiful table and invite the whole team.

Bilyaletdinov: — I do not know. Stumped issue. But if this would have happened, the boys would probably come up with something unusual.

Yiranek: — Invited to all the guys on the mug of good beer in the Czech House in Moscow.

Zhevnov: — Shaved today is not so extraordinary … Unfashionable. Then, perhaps, might have sent a mustache. Small. Unfortunately, we’ve already lost.

Jabrayilov: — After the fifth victory in a row ready right on the dance Lezghinka.

Dzhudovich: — Let go and would not shave his beard until the end of her winning streak.

Klimov: — I once was willing to do anything, but we unfortunately lost, "Wings."

Berezovsky: — For a start would be willing to deal, but rather confined to the promise of a haircut bald.

[B] aspen: [/ b] — The first match we have reduced to a draw. If we win the next five — ready for anything!

Topcu: — Went to the center of the field at the stadium, "Kuban" in front of the stands filled and danced to Lezghinka.

[I] Captain "Saturn" Alexei Igonin did not take part in our traditional questionnaire, referring to the disposal of the General Director of the club. [/ I]

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