Car plant Ural GAZ Group sums up 2011

According to preliminary data, in 2011 the car plant "Ural" "GAZ Group" sold 11,770 vehicles, up 6.6% higher than in 2010. The company’s revenue grew by 28.5% percent to 21,447,986 billion rubles.

In 2011, the car factory continued development of the model range of the machinery and introduced several promising products: shift buses with air suspension, agricultural vehicles on the chassis "Ural-432065," fire tank on the chassis of the "Ural-6370", and has also developed a new military vehicles " Ural-63099 "and" Ural-63095 "increased security.

At the end of the year to keep the lead car plant in Russia-wheel-drive vehicles: The company holds about 45% of the domestic market and produces 250 different modifications of vehicles for oil and gas and power structures.

In the past year cars "Ural" is also supplied in the country and abroad, including in Africa, Latin America, South East Asia, CIS countries (the share of exports in total sales "Ural" greater than 10%). This year, the factory continued to implement Launched in 2010 cars "Ural-32552-3011-59" and "Ural-6370", featuring a large capacity, high reliability, quality and ease of maintenance.

At the same auto plant "Ural" reached a maximum daily build rate in the history of the plant — 62 cars per shift, which is 24% more than in 2010. The average salary in the company for the year increased by 36% compared to the previous year and reached 28,992 rubles.

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