Carbon cloth for air and naval ships (new destiny AZLK Moskvich)

By 2014, the area of innovation development "Moskvich" will turn into a technopolis. However, "RUSNANO" this site has mastered. It creates the production of composite materials. Details of the program "Special Report" on TV "Moscow 24".

According to the first deputy general director of holding "Composite" Vladimir Khlebnikov at TRR "Moskvich" was "done huge work of reconstruction."

Here is the only company in Russia make prepregs for aircraft carbon fiber. The material in times lighter and five to seven times stronger than steel.


Prepregs are used where?

According to the technician of the project company "RUSNANO" "Prepreg-SKM," part of the holding "Composite", Anton SHumakova: "This aircraft construction, wind energy, sports: skateboards, fishing, skiing. Formula 1 is almost all carbon fiber. "


Logically, there was a weaver Lena a conventional loom, taught her at the institute. But it was intended to weave carbon cloth for air and naval ships.

Lena Weaver: "We need to train professionals to enable them to develop all of this."

We came here in November, and all this created yourself.

In the test laboratory tested for strength carbon fiber, it stands, by the way, the weight of the two "Muscovites".

Lena prepares samples of new fabrics for the "RUSNANO": "To be honest I had never even heard the word of the prepreg. And now, on the contrary, when I tell my friends what prepregs for aerospace and auto tuning. Now it is very fashionable, very beautiful. So I’m now even the guys something to talk about. "



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