Carbon tape FibARM (Composite): The second phase of testing for earthquake resistance


Specialists Institute of Defense Emergency summed up the second phase of tests on seismic stability of fragments of brick buildings, and to enhance the external reinforcement using carbon strips FibARM.

According to the study artificial earthquake of 9 points did not cause any harm to the model enhanced carbon materials.

In mid-August, the results of the tests were carried out on the seismic stability of the fragments of brick buildings: the conventional and enhanced The reinforcement system of carbon ribbons FibARM. The technology is developed Holding company "Composite". It is designed to enhance the buildings and structures, including for the purpose of increasing their seismic resistance.

The experiment was conducted on a single shake table in Russian, which is able to reproduce an earthquake of up to 10 points. It is located at the site 26TSNII in the Leningrad region.

At the shake table was found two fragments of brick buildings. One of the prototypes was the efforts of the external reinforcement. Carbon ribbons FibARM were reinforced truss structures: walls, columns, slabs and plates connection nodes.

The test program envisaged six dynamic influences on prototypes with different intensity from 6 to 9 points.

As a result of the impact of shocks to force seven earthquake collapsed brick walls in the non-reinforced parts of the building. In a time when artificial earthquake reached a strength of nine points, received serious injuries central brick column, which resulted in the destruction of floors and load-bearing walls.

The fragment amplified by carbon ribbons, as a result of artificial earthquake has not received any visible damage. To such conclusion experts Institute of Defense emergency according to the survey.

Similar results are provided by an experiment, held in June on fragments of concrete structures. One of the samples, as in the case of brick construction was strengthened by carbon materials. As soon as the power of artificial earthquake reached nine points, not amplified sample is completely destroyed.

Head of new product development in the construction of the holding company "Composite" Tatiana Lyagusha believes that the test results are predictable.

"The sample has a deficit as a result of seismic load of artificial earthquake of 9 points received substantial damage. The amplified sample was hurt, "- she said.

According to Tatyana Lyagusha, application The reinforcement system to reinforce buildings and structures can improve the seismic resistance of structures to 1-2 points. In other words, if the building is able to withstand the load magnitude earthquakes of 7 points, with 9-points it is destroyed. However, if there is an opportunity to improve the seismic resistance of two of the ball, allowing you to make the system of external reinforcement, the building will stand when pushing in 9 points and the people in it are not affected.

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