Cardboard direct metallization: a unique product on the Russian market

Purpose Equipment on "Galileo"


The plant Galileo Coating Technologies, of the holding "Galileo Nanotech", successfully carried out a test batch of new and promising product on the Russian market — vacuum metallized or direct way of packaging board.

Based paperboard Carta Solida a density of 225 g / m2 After vacuum metallization material obtained was 230 g / m2.

This metallized product can be widely used for packaging in the food, cosmetics, alcohol, tobacco and other industries, where the search for new opportunities to attract the attention of the buyer. Cardboard direct metallization is easy to use, has better mechanical properties than a similar product made by laminating the metallized film. In addition, the board direct metallization easily recyclable, which is especially important in light of the global trend to ensure sustainability of production.

The plant Galileo Coating Technologies cardboard packaging is made of vacuum metallization for similar western technology.

Cardboard, vacuum plating process has a stable printing and technical properties, has good adhesion of paint, but due to the special processing is mechanical resistance to the postpress operations such as cutting, stamping, bending, or perforation.

When manufacturing metallized products may use different types of cardboard. The structure of the material it provides excellent mechanical performance. The brightness and gloss surfaces enhance the contrast of the printed image and saves the absolute lack of transparency, uniformity and excellent planar structure parameters.


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