Cargo ship Captain Urov took place on the Moscow River with a load of gravel in the southern port

Dry cargo ship "Volga-Don max" class project RSD44 «Captain Urov" committed a unique flight from Lake Ladoga to the southern port city of Moscow with a load of rubble. The press service of the Marine Engineering Bureau, which is the designer of this series of ships.

In the first stage the ship took on board 5400 tons of cargo on arrival at the northern port of the cargo was ogruzhena. Having on board 3,680 tons of rubble and a draft of 2.80 m and a length of 140 m "Captain Urov" took place on the Moscow River, with its small radius of curvature of the channel under the bridge nizkogabaritnymi Moscow (air draft of 8.6 m) in the southern port.

The ship "Captain Urov" was built on the Oka Shipyard — laying took place December 28, 2010, launched on 14 October 2011, commissioned Nov. 18, 2011.

It is noted that the trial project RSD44 set a record not only on the speed of construction, but also by deadweight in river draft of 3.60 m (5540 tons on the results of an inclining the head of the ship and the second weighing) and speed tests (average speed of the flow and upstream sea trials of the leading ship was more than 12 knots).
New dry cargo project RSD44 «Volga max" grade (on waterline length 138.9 m, width 16.5 m, depth 5.0 m, height 2.20 m coaming) are designed for inland waterways of the Russian Federation General, bulk, timber and oversized cargo, grain, lumber, potash and fertilizer, sulfur, coal, paper, building materials, steel products, as well as up to 140 containers.
Deadweight draft of 3.60 m in the river — about 5543 tons, at draft 3.53 m in the sea — 5562 tons. Hold capacity — 7090 cu. m
The operation of vessels also provided on the Volga-Don Canal (VDSK), the Volga-Baltic Canal, in the Azov Sea to the port of Caucasus and in the Gulf. Passage under Neva bridges in the St. — Petersburg and Rostov under the railway bridge (Rostov-on-Don) to be carried out without their wiring (maximum air draft when passing under bridges 5.4m).
Dimensions of the project RSD44 (overall length of 139.99 m, overall width is 16.80 m) allow for the operation of ships through VDSK, including through the "old" branch Kochetovsky Gateway mode without "spetsprovodki."
Due to the need to enable the passage of vessels under the Neva bridges and Rostov railway bridge without wiring, residential, single-stage provided in the aft cabin boats.
The first ship of the project RSD44 «Captain Ruzmankin" was laid February 24, 2010, launched on November 23, 2011, commissioned 20 May 2011.

Vessels built under a leasing scheme, according to which 85% of the funds provided "United Shipbuilding Corporation" (USC) in the state support the domestic shipbuilding industry, and 15% financed by the "Volga Shipping." Terms of the scheme — subsidized by the state two thirds of the refinancing rate of the Central Bank of the Russian Federation.
Direct financing of the construction carried out a series of leasing company "VEB-Leasing".

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