Cars in Russia have become more affordable in the three to four times


Availability vehicle in Russia increased 3.5 times in 10 years: the average salary of Russians has increased nearly seven-fold, and the cars went up only by 2.3 times. 

Experts of the analytical agency "AUTOSTAT" concluded that increasing the availability of vehicles by comparing the dynamics of incomes of Russians and the cost of cars in the period from 2001 to 2011 In 2001, the official average salary in Russia was 3,240 rubles. (Or $ 111 at the exchange rate), the average price of a new domestic vehicles amounted to 124,000 rubles. ($ 4250), and the new foreign cars — 570 000. ($ 19,500). In 2011, the official average salary in the country — about 22 thousand rubles. ($ 750), the average price of domestic car — 295 000 rubles. ($ 10,000) for a new foreign car — 913 000 rubles. ($ 30,300).

So, what to buy, for example, Lada Samara, the price of which has just been close to the average of domestic models, ten years ago required 38 average monthly salaries, and now only 14 — that is 2.7 times less than is indicated in the message "Avtostat . "

And for buying foreign cars in 2001, "the average Russian" had 176 official salaries, and now "only" 42 average salaries. That is, domestic cars were almost three times more affordable, and foreign cars — nearly four. And to buy foreign cars are now quite a good level of average salary in just 3.5 years, not 14-15 years as a decade ago, analysts conclude "Avtostat."

The director of "Avtostat" Sergei Tselikov notes that in Russia, on the one hand, not all live in the "official" salary, which means that the population can save on car faster than suggested by official statistics. But on the other hand, the differentiation of incomes in Russia is still so high that someone dares to change the expensive cars every year, and someone can not save on vazovskuyu "classics" for ten years.

The conclusion is that cars have become more accessible, correct, agrees to a leading expert of the Center for Macroeconomic Analysis and Short-Term Forecasting (CMASF) Igor Polyakov. Dollar exchange rate in 2001 and 2011 was almost the same (29.5 rubles. Dollar for ten years against 29.2 rubles. Last year), and the average monthly salary in U.S. dollar terms increased by 7.1 times, and in ruble — by 2.4 times.

In addition, Russia has increased the percentage of residents with the highest level of pay: ten years ago there were 20-30% and in 2011 — already 40-45%. But in order to understand how cars have become more affordable, it would also take into account the change in their quality and functional content, as well as the popularity of credit sales, indicates Polyakov. 

According to the consultancy Pricewater-houseCoopers, in the past, Russians spent on new cars 58.9 billion dollars, increasing the capacity of the Russian market by 70% compared with 2010.

In this case, the most popular car was «Lada Kalina»: for the year was 143 thousand cars sold (up 31%). «Lada Priora» dropped to second place with Avto 138.7 thousand. Among the cars got the palm «Hyundai Solaris», within 10 months of its appearance of signatories on the market makes the room «Renault Logan».

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