Cars Ural will work in Antarctica

November 7, 2012 15:24 Cars "Ural" will work in Antarctica-wheel-drive two-axle vehicle "Ural-43206" will work in Antarctica on a scientific basis Artigas Republic of Uruguay. The car will be used in studies of the mainland, reported IA "News" department of mass communications company. "Ural-43206" specially prepared in Uruguay’s capital Montevideo Center specialists prototyping and testing of automobile plant "Ural" for working in difficult climatic conditions of the South Pole — low temperatures, snowstorms and winds. The car is equipped with special tires for sustained transmission in the snow, pull winch required for operation in arctic conditions, technical liquids cars do not freeze at the lowest temperatures. By car is also set manipulator crane lifting capacity 4 tons needed for loading and unloading of incoming ships on a scientific basis, and to move research equipment. Traditionally, rugged construction, high cross on a snowy roads — these qualities of the Ural-terrain vehicle were key to the Uruguayan Antarctic Institute research when choosing a car of technical support for scientific research. Recall that in Antarctica are a large number of polar research stations and bases of the various countries in which research is carried out (biological, geographical, geological and meteorological) study. The work vehicle "Ural" on base in Antarctica — is not the first to use this technology for scientific purposes. In addition to using cars for transportation research equipment on the chassis of the "Ural" created by various research laboratories. For example, a mobile environmental laboratory acts directly at the car "Ural". Source: 

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