Caspian Flotilla takes new ship

The newest small artillery ship (IAC) "Makhachkala" will join the Caspian Flotilla at the end of 2012, the head of the press service of the Southern Military District, Colonel Igor Gorbul.

  • MAC "Astrakhan", "Makhachkala" looks similar
  • MAC "Astrakhan", "Makhachkala" looks similar

"The crew of the Caspian flotilla began to receive small artillery ship" Makhachkala ", built by JSC" Shipbuilding Company "Diamond" (St. Petersburg), "- said Gorbul.

According to him, during the reception of ship personnel will be trained in specialist plant operation, maintenance and the practical application of the ship’s weapons, ship systems and mechanisms.

In addition, the Colonel continued Gorbul, sailors and representatives of the manufacturer’s conduct complex shipboard testing, including testing of high-speed maneuvering and ship items, check ship‘s systems and equipment, radio communications and surveillance power plants.

"There will also be checked and tested all of the ship’s weapons, tools, and systems of protection against weapons of mass destruction and verification has vitality and resilience of the hull to external influences" — added Gorbul.

MAK "Makhachkala" is equipped with a universal artillery installation of A-190, two 30-mm six AK-306 and aft 40-barrel 122mm multiple rocket launchers "Grad-M". The vessel is able to deliver powerful fire strikes on enemy ships and shore to clear the springboard for amphibious landings.

Due to the low rainfall and high maneuverability of the ship is able to solve a wide range of problems in the coastal zone of the Caspian Sea, on the river and in the estuary, as well as other "narrow" water areas.

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