Caterham F1 cooperates with Russian Helicopters

Earlier this week, a delegation of representatives of the company "Helicopters of Russia" in the framework of the cooperation program visited the base of the Formula 1 team Caterham F1, located in the British Leafield.

Partnership agreement between the Russian helicopter holding "Helicopters of Russia" and the Caterham F1 Team was signed in May, and although from that time was only a few months, both parties have seen, it turns out that the interaction is very effective. The partnership share experiences, studying the possibility of cross-application of advanced automotive and aviation technology.

It’s no secret that Formula 1 and helicopter have many points of contact for. Experts team and helicopter group believe that the overall vision may become topics of manufacturing composite parts, carrying out aerodynamic research and high-performance management activities. It is these questions and addressed during the negotiations in the British Leafield. It is expected that technological cooperation can be continued, and the group "Helicopters of Russia" will visit the county of Oxfordshire, where the Leafield.

Specialists "Helicopters of Russia" at the Caterham provided information on the industrial base of the team, found the main square, equipped with modern facilities, including portions of manufacturing composite parts racing cars, their test plots machine assembly and painting.

Head of IT Bill Peters introduced a high-performance data center company Dell, capable of producing 10 billion calculations for 17 hours, which is needed for carrying out complex calculations racing car aerodynamics. With the participation of the team technical director Mark Smith, the parties discussed the principles of the company in the development of machines, the design of aerodynamics under tight time constraints in the implementation of strict rules FIA.


There is no doubt that the mutually beneficial cooperation "Helicopters of Russia" and the Caterham F1 gaining momentum. Long-term program has already brought important benefits — and promises to be even more successful in the near future.


Dmitry Alabuzhev, Director of the Directorate of the European programs of JSC "Helicopters of Russia": The result of the meeting of representatives of the company and the team was harmonization of the main areas of cooperation teams in Formula One and "Helicopters of Russia" in the areas of possible cooperation on the development of composite parts on the principles of project management in the presence of severe restrictions time and calculation methods aerodynamics. 

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