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Recently, the bowl can be seen military sensation in the newspaper "Izvestia". Breathtaking headlines by type: "Russia has created a bottom ballistic missile" or "Russian soldiers learn on their infra-red label". 

Of course a simple visitor, who, though a bit interested in the country’s defenses seem very interested in these items.

But the sad fact that with the passage of time to publish comments such items from the official institutions or experts. Here’s an example recently in the newspaper "Izvestia" has information that the Ministry of Defence on behalf of the Russian Air Force allegedly abandoned the procurement of light helicopters "ANSAT-U" with wire control system (EDSU). In this regard, holding "Helicopters of Russia" draws attention to the fact that the address of "Kazan Helicopter Plant", which is part of the holding company and conducts development and manufacture of helicopters, "ANSAT" and the official information from the Russian Air Force for helicopters "ANSAT -U "and, in particular,-by-wire control system, have been reported.

Or at number 164 of the newspaper "Izvestia" published on 3.09.2012, the material Mikhailov called "Defense failed education reform." After that, the Russian Defense Ministry denied the publication of the newspaper and said that the opinion of the author on a number of fronts to improve the system of military education does not correspond to the real situation shows incompetence in this matter and once again introduces readers astray.

Well, here’s another story: the Main Command of the Navy has decided to return to Russia’s Black Sea Fleet diesel submarine "Saint Prince George" (former B-380 "Gorky Komsomolets", the project 641B), which since 1991 is listed in the repair of a floating dock PD-16 in the South Bay of Sevastopol. An informed source in the Main Command told "Izvestia" that, according to long-term plan of development of the Black Sea Fleet repairs will begin in 2013.

… Military expert, co-author of the book "The New Russian Army" Dmitry Boltenkov believes that the Black Sea is needed so-called "mosquito fleet".
— For there the conditions are good small missile and anti-submarine ships, non-nuclear submarines. Nuclear power is like a whale in a pool. Turkey in the Black Sea basin holds 14 diesel submarines, based upon the German project 209. In 2015, they will have a German boat type 214 with anaerobic (do not require conditioning) motors. "Prince George" is perfect to the Black Sea — said Boltenkov.

That’s just by Dmitry Boltenkov completely unaware that he is giving a comment. Such examples have recently accumulated a lot and almost every "hands-free" article of the newspaper "Izvestia" appear or refute or loud criticism. But the most important thing to understand why this happens.

The main reason is the competition in the field of military journalism. Recently, a number of special publications and news portals in the wake of rising interest in the armed forces. And in such a situation increasingly difficult to compete for exclusive content and interesting articles. Especially the Ministry of Defense, which used to be the source of most of the events, is now trying to publish news on their resources and broadcast on TV channel "Star."

That has to accelerate the publication of materials and waste less time to check or knowingly publish a "fantasy" story. Already one realizes that each new visitor to the site or newspaper reader is an additional ruble received from advertisers and partners.

Commercial basis makes disregard the standards of journalism and creates a difficult working environment for the real professionals. First of all, it’s clear that the market and the expectations of visitors in any case should not be deceived. If people want to read that the Russian army is the strongest in the world and it should see similar headlines.

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