CCM Kuznetsk connected in the shortest possible time

ZAO "GC" Electroshield "-TM Samara" put 105 KRU SESHCH-63 a new distribution substation central processing plant "Kuznetsk".


All work was done in the shortest possible time. Substation is fully built and launched in just 9 months. This was made possible thanks to the professionalism and well-coordinated work of all departments of the enterprise, the ability to clearly fulfill all the requirements of the customer, as well as high operational SESHCH CSG-63 and high-quality construction, installation and commissioning of …

The main activity of CCM "Kuznetsk" is the processing of coal. The company produces high-quality coal products for industrial and domestic use.

Substation, distributes electricity to objects "Kuznetsk" was launched in 1966. Its equipment was so worn out that the renovation work was necessary to make literally every day. Since the reconstruction of the old substation without interruption in the power supply is not possible, it was decided to build a new one.

ZAO "GC" Electroshield "-TM Samara" put 105 KRU SESHCH-63 to the new distribution substation central processing plant "Kuznetsk." The factory produced the entire order within 45 days, a measure of high productive capacity, a rare plant in Russia has the manufacturing capabilities. Delivery times have also been significantly reduced during the negotiation phase, this complex process has been carried out for the entire 3 days.

As for the equipment, it should be noted, including the main advantages of the cells KRU-63 SESHCH high degree of prefabrication and the minimum time required for its installation.

An equally important role in the implementation of this order has played professionalism and experience of employees. High-quality construction, installation and commissioning work — half the battle. In this case, one of the main requirements have prevented plant outages. This switchgear feeds the entire CCM "Kuznetsk", so the translation of consumers to the new EN carried out section by section.

Now that all the work is completed, the old distribution substation plant is no longer needed, the power of the new Republic of Uzbekistan is not only fully meet the needs of the factory at the moment, the potential of the substation is designed for a possible increase in production capacity and back-up equipment will ensure uninterrupted power CCM "Kuznetsk" in the case accident.

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