CDB ME Rubin is testing a new power plant for submarines


Central Design Bureau for Marine Engineering (CDB ME) "Ruby" conducting development testing airindependent power plant (VNEU) with electrochemical generator for submarines. This is with a total RIA Novosti on Tuesday, CEO of CDB ME "Rubin" Andrew Diachkov.

Now all of Russia’s non-nuclear submarines operate on diesel engines, but the headquarters of the Russian Navy in the future are going to go on a boat with a radically new power plant.

Operation of the power plant consists of the following: hydrogen production on board of the submarine is processed by the diesel fuel.

"Analyzing the status of work on the subject, we made the following conclusion: VNEU should not only provide long-term stay in the boat submerged, but keep the secrecy and be safe enough", — Said the head of CDB ME "Rubin".

After analyzing the ways in which different countries have gone into the making VNEU, the designers of "Rubin", came to the conclusion that the basis of the Russian system must be electrochemical generator. "In this case there are no moving parts, which is good from the point of view of secrecy. In contrast to the German version that is not safe, if only because that it is based on storage of hydrogen on board the boat, which is very flammable and explosive, we avoid the storage of hydrogen on board, because it requires the coastal infrastructure and complex systems on the ship ", — Andriy Diachkov.
VNEU will be placed in the modular bay boats that do not require significant rework and redesign the whole boat as a whole. just need to embed an additional compartment. And in class submarine "Amur" is a possibility of adding a compartment is provided in advance.

Also stressed Diachkov, recently customers are showing an active interest in lithium-ion batteries.

"Offered to the market of lithium-ion batteries can increase the time of finding the boat under water at least 1.4 times, but the potential is very technical idea used so far only by 35-40%,", — The spokesman said.

According to him, "Rubin" is now working to improve lithium-ion batteries in order to increase capacity and, consequently, the time spent underwater diesel submarine. "This is a very promising direction", — Diachkov said.

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