Cement record

Cement production hits record. For the first time in the modern history of Russian cement output reached 6.5 million tonnes in the month, exceeding established in August 2007 to a maximum of 6.6%, the "Expert Online» Director of PR and GR LLC "SMPro" Roman Kuprin.

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According to experts, the main reason — the growing demand from builders and manufacturers of building materials.

"The main reason for the manufacturing boom — growth in demand for derivatives of the cement building materials: concrete, concrete, dry building mixtures — explains Kuprin. — In the season of 2011 cement industry went on a wave of optimism, which has generated a 20 percent increase in consumption in the first quarter compared to the same period last year. "

Agrees with him and the head of the branch of the portal Rucem.Ru Yuri Erokina. According to him, in some regions, the demand from developers has increased by more than a third, which led to a 30 percent increase in the production of cement in some nearby factories, mainly in the south of Russia. "Construction is in full swing there," — said Erokina.

As a result, cement companies are upgrading old plants, increasing their capacity and build new ones. Just today, for example, it was reported that Zhiguliovsk by "Evrotsement group" will build a new plant for the production of cement. Its construction is scheduled to begin in 2012 and finish in 3-3.5 years. The plant will be designed for one thousand jobs. Annual capacity is 1.8 million tons of cement per year, the investment will amount to 19 billion rubles.

Increased production of cement — a good tool for the growth of the construction industry, experts say. It is an interconnected circle — the builders are pushing cement and cement workers builders. At the same time, there is one problem that can neutralize such a successful synergy, namely the lack of transportation facilities — cement.

With skewed years the production and consumption of cement, depending on growing season. "In recent years, demands from builders summer 2.5 times higher than in winter. It turns out that cement trucks idle in winter and in summer there are not enough "- explains Erokina.

In his view, the problem could be solved winter state order and construction of cement silos and warehouses, but so far it almost does not occur.

"Another solution is to increase the fleet as cement trucks at the consumer and the producers of cement. Unfortunately, this approach is constrained by the cost long-distance transport, which limits the possibility of transporting cement over long distances. And Rosavtodor order prohibiting the operation of heavy-duty trucks on federal highways in temperatures above 35 degrees, "- adds Kuprin.

Without the help of the state will solve this problem. "Fleet Management railcars — a separate kind of business. Cement plant, reshivshemusya this, you will need to purchase a cement hopper and shunting locomotives, create your own station, dispatching and maintenance services. The cost of implementing such a project will be commensurate with the construction of a new cement plant "- explains Kuprin.

However, the game is worth the candle. The current production capacity of cement, according to experts, can provide an almost twofold increase in the capital and road construction.

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