Cement terminal opened in Omsk

In Omsk, the launch of a cement terminal. Company "Omsk cement" will produce Portland cement — hydraulic cement, used in modern construction for the production of monolithic and precast concrete. The production capacity of the new venture — 700 thousand tons of cement a year, promising an increase of 1 million tons.

  • Photo: RIA "Omsk-Inform"

Construction of the terminal began in 2011 on the site of an abandoned factory agloporitovogo gravel, construction of which began in the middle of the last century. General contractor NGO "Mostovik" reconstructed and built 12 facilities with a total area of over 8,500 square meters. Investors in the project are "Sukholozhskcement", part of the German holding Dyckerhoff Group BUZZI UNICEM, and JSC "Holding basis." Estimated construction cost — 600 million rubles.

  • Photo: RIA "Omsk-Inform"

In manufacture slag waste Omsk CHP. The terminal is capable of processing up to 280,000 tonnes of waste per year. The quality of the cement will reduce the flow rate of up to 150 kg per 1 cu. meters of concrete, which should not affect the reduction of construction costs.

The production is environmentally friendly 18 filters trap harmful substances and prevent their penetration into the atmosphere. The new terminal will satisfy the needs of the regional construction market in cement.


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