Center for Traditional Folk Culture Mordovia opened in Altai Territory

Center for Traditional Folk Culture Mordovia opened in Zalesovskaya region of Altai Krai. It is based on Zalesovsky museum.

As the press service of the Altai Krai culture and historical activities, this is the fourth experimental center, created in the region this year as part of the departmental target program "Preservation and development of the traditional folk culture of the Altai Territory" for 2012-2014. At the expense of the regional budget for the center acquired multimedia technology, exposition and exhibition equipment and other necessary equipment.

For several years, the museum conducted targeted research on the study of Mordovia ethnic group. In the living area Zalesovskaya Mordovians — Moksha and Erzya, which is still maintained its distinctive traditions, rituals, and language. The Centre’s mission — to promote the unique folk culture mordvy Zalesovsky district, and its study, preservation and promotion.
The activities of the study and preservation of traditional Mordvinian held in Zalesovskaya area and in other institutions — in libraries and community centers in rural villages Kaltai Small, Large Kaltai CHEREMUSHKINA, Zalesovo created museum rooms of Mordovia culture, carried out activities with children.

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