Chaika-Service introduced new models

GAZ-33081 "Sadko" with the crane Amco Veba 105 2s

Factory "Chaika-Service" produced another practical and reliable two-row side GAZ-33081 "Sadko" with the Italian loader crane Amco Veba 105 2s.

Features of hydraulic manipulator:

• Capacity at maximum radius — 715 kg;
• Maximum boom — 5.7 meters;
• Capacity at the minimum radius — 1270 kg;
• Minimum flight — 3.28 meters;

This car will not only transport the cargo, but also plunge into the board, and then unload it. This means that not what attract additional labor, thus saving time and money.

The main advantage of domestic chassis with crane, is a low cost, as opposed to foreign machinery. Special equipment must be, above all, profitable.


Ural-4320 with a hydraulic crane Amco Veba 115 2s

Automobile Factory "Chaika-Service" has established an Italian crane Amco Veba 115 2s on domestic chassis with high traffic Ural-4320.
The crane is equipped with three retractable boom sections. It has the following characteristics:

• Capacity at maximum radius — 1830 kg;
• Maximum boom — 11.31metrov;
• Capacity at the minimum radius — 5780 kg;
• Minimum flight — 2.29 m;
Ural-4320 — this is an extremely frugal four-wheel all-terrain vehicle, he was on the shoulder any roads and the severe frost.
The car is also installed on-board platform with a profile Fuhrmann. Platform length — 4.5 meters, width — 2.5, height — 1 meter.
Fuhrmann profile made of steel sheet. Due to the unique method of manufacturing the sidewalls have a special durability and reliability.
This type of machinery is designed for transportation of various goods in off-road conditions. Thanks to the crane loading and unloading is carried out without the use of hand force, and this means that the faster and more economical.


Aerial platform based on GAZ-3302 "Gazelle"

At "Chaika-Service" came another autohydraulic based on GAZ-3302 "Gazelle". On the chassis feature an Italian Socage T318 telescopic mast height of 18 meters.

Socage T318 model has the following characteristics:
• Stroke Platforms — 18 meters;
• Outreach — 10 meters;
• Load bassinet — 250 kg.

Height of 18 meters is acceptable to carry out high-altitude installation and construction work in the city. With the help of a tower made minor repairs, and a compact chassis that fits just right. Also obvious advantage is that if the works are on the road, the outriggers are set so that do not exceed the size of an existing machine.

The benefits of such a model, an aerial work platform include:
• optimal size,
• economy of use,
• versatility.

The tower is equipped with electrical cradle, allowing operators to work on power lines energized about 1000V without turning off the power in the absence of precipitation.


Automobile Factory "Chaika-Service" sets almost any chassis variety of add-ins, such as cranes, derricks, double row cabin, sleeping bags, side and dump the platform evacuation platform, awnings and truck plant.

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