Chaika-Service is auto on GAZ-33106 with the Valdai

axle trailer

Automobile factory "Chaika-Service" released transporter platform and slide-type axle trailer based on GAZ-33106 "Valdai".

Car carrier allows you to transport 3 cars total mass of 6.8 tons.

Equipment transporter sliding platform allows you to use it both as an independent tow truck, and as a transporter in the trailer. Loading the car onto the platform by using a professional hydraulic winch WARN c traction 4.1 tons

Winch mounted on the front of the platform for enhanced bracket. The design of the bracket allows the winch to move laterally, depending on the location of tow hooks on the towed vehicle.  

Car transporter based on GAZ-33106 "Valdai" can be equipped not only with a sliding platform, but stationary.

Characteristics of a two-axle trailer: Construction trailer — low with tandem axles and dual wheels, trailer brake system — pneumatic with Disc Brake Suspension trailer — spring, trailer flooring is made of grooved sheet.
Entry vehicle to the trailer carried out on two retractable ramps. On the platform and under the wheels of the trailer transported the car stops are set, which are fixed for the decking platform. The rear wheels are fixed samozatyazhnymi straps.

Autospecial production AZ "Chaika-Service" is certified and has all the necessary permits, including OTTS.

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