Champion Forex Trend Strongman Cup 2013 Team of Ukraine


In Dnepropetrovsk docks were held on the festival team competition team of Ukraine against the European team on Strongman "Forex Trend Strongman Cup 2013."

One of the organizers and participants became chairman of the Federation of the Dnipropetrovsk regional strongmen, Honored Master of Sports, and two-time winner of the title "The strongest man in the world," an officer of the Air Force of Ukraine Vitaliy Gerasimov captain.

The main tournament referee was a multiple world champion in the all-around force Basil Virastuk. Tournament participants competed for victory in five relays BOGATYRSKY decathlon. In particular, perekidovanni 280-pound tire at the time and picked up Loglifta weighing 135 pounds. In the next stages of the tournament had to be the heroes in a half upright position, pull the 25-ton fuel truck at a distance of 15 meters, as well as the rise Dambl (95-pound dumbbells) and Menhud Stone (picked up on time and perekiduvanni cement balls weighing from 100 to 180 kilos) .

In a tense and hard-fought wrestling championship title Strongman European team won the Ukrainian national team 4-1.

As the captain Vitaliy Gerasimov, these events are an example for the military defense department, because the team was represented by well-known European team of world-class athletes. This once again proves that with a strong desire can be usefully combine sports and meritorious service in the Armed Forces of Ukraine, buying sports victories in favor of our state.

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