Champions of the gate won the Golden Duke in the national competition of the Odessa Film Festival

Odessa Film Festival is approaching the final. Today on Lonzheronovskaja descent of the "Golden Duke" and a cash prize of 50 thousand UAH. awarded to the winner of the National Competition. They became the band "Champions of the gate," directed Akhtemov Seytablaeva.

A few days before this tape "Champions of the gate," said the special prize of UNICEF. The film, in which the main role played by Alexey Gorbunov, based on real events. In 2008, the Ukrainian team won the World Cup street soccer among the homeless. And at the awards ceremony representative of the UN Children’s Fund Yukie Mokuo congratulated the participants with another victory in the European Championship Ukrainians street soccer.

The audience at the festival saw the film version of the four-part series, has passed on the air. The day before the festival premiere of this tape looked orphans — children and youth players football teams. The presentation of the film came to a prototype of the hero — the coach Oleg Vannikov.

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