Charity cosmic scale

Co-owner of the network, "Four-eyes" Sergei Bodrov became one of the founders of robotic telescope. He spent his passion for more than 100 million rubles. Expensive toy is beneficial not only to him.

Vostryakovo village in the Domodedovo district is located 23 km from the Moscow Ring Road. It was giving Krylova, where in 2002 a group of astrophysicists led by Lipunova arranged observatory. The teachings were taught, and in his free time engaged in a telescope. Bodrov pay them a little money. About a year managed to collect the first experimental setup robot telescope and write a computer program for it. Most parts Sergey bought abroad, simpler parts (body, lens) is made in your company.
 "The Master" — is the brainchild of its inventors. The complex included a small outhouse height of 3.6 m and an area of 20 sq. km. m with a glass roof. The device works automatically (so called robot) in clear weather roof extension opened and the telescope began surveillance. Pictures and videos of space he was unloading the program to which you can connect via the Internet. After receiving the first images with the "Masters", Sergey was surprised.
"In our telescope we were able to see and determine the coordinates of the objects whose existence did not even know — says Bodrov. — For example, satellites invisible" Stealth "because even in space invisible to the eye reflects light or glow in the reflected light."
At the same device Sergei interested in intelligence. At a conference Lipunov made a presentation about research opportunities "Masters" and showed pictures of photometric foreign military satellites. After a while, the cottage Krylov raided military — they are interested in a telescope. "The military then it was difficult to understand what digital technologies are coming forward — says Bodrov. — And thanks to innovation, anyone can see the secret facility."

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