Chassis-based Tiger was created with the armored car UAV manufactured by JSC Concern Vega

Chassis-based "Tiger" was created with the armored car UAV manufactured by JSC "Concern Vega" capable of providing aerial surveillance and solve a wide range of military and civilian tasks, the press service of the Arzamas Engineering Plant.


  • It is simply "Tiger".
  • It is simply "Tiger".

At the AMA together with "VITS" was made a prototype car, then test trials were conducted with the launching of UAVs. According to experts, the tests were successful.

    The system is able to conduct reconnaissance from the air within a radius of tens of kilometers, and the armored SUV 5th grade protection — to take on any terrain.

    UAVs equipped with two cameras: front and bottom, which transmit razor sharp in color, as in the daytime and at night. Inside, the car has 2 monitor. Is displayed on the first map of the area and the route along it drones on the second transmitted live broadcast of photos and video.

    The system is ideally suited for the climate in different regions of Russia, operated at an ambient temperature of — 40 to + 50 degrees C.

    This project aims to demonstrate the features of "Tiger" and expand the range of its application. In particular, the air control of natural and important strategic facilities: factories, military units, oil and gas pipelines, protection of the state border; intelligence in counter-terrorism operations, etc.

    The main advantage of the system of UAV based on the "Tiger" in comparison with foreign counterparts — flotation in Siberia and the Far North, and the armored corps. Also, inside there are still quite a lot of space, allowing for further improvement and installation of additional equipment.

    The car has already been shown to the first persons of the state and was shown at the exhibition of radio, organized by "Gazprom" in Nizhnevartovsk, which attracted the attention of many experts, the press-service of JSC "AMW."


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