13.08.10 Chavdar YANKOV: "RUSSIAN CHAMPIONSHIP — high level" Press office of FC "Rostov"

Immediately after registration of all necessary paperwork, Bulgarian newcomer "Rostov" gave an exclusive interview to the press service of the club:

— Chavdar, tell us how poyavilsyavariant with the transition to "Rostov"?

 —   Don klubsdelal me an offer and I think carefully, took the decision to move the team again.  

  — Prior to vyslyshali the "Rostov" or anything of the Russian league?

 —  Of course. ChempionatRossii — this is a very high level. In Bulgaria, the show of kazhdogotura match 2-3, so we know well your league. Plus, in the championship igraetnemalo my countrymen, from whom I heard only kind words otnosheniiRossii. As for the "Rostov", that is a very good team to stop zryazanimaet such a high place in the table.

  — Under what number you will play for "Rostov"?

 —  Under the 23 th. I igralpod it in Germany, so I hope that this figure will be for me a success.

  — What would you mogliskazat Rostov fans?

 —  I’ll do Napoule everything I can, and try to bring results. I want to menyapodderzhali fans and all those who love football in Rostov.

  — We look forward to your debut on the "Olympus".

 —  I also poskoreehochu play for his new club. But first, I hope that the club will achieve gostevoypobedy over the "Saturn". Well, then we’ll play with Nalchik.

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