Cheap 3D-cinema

Solve the problem of "Cinema across the country" (especially the provinces) can help the so-called "fiscal stereoscopic." By level "Kinoservis" he was not inferior to the most pathetic "trade" movie theaters, and even superior in functionality.

In the USSR, "Cinema across the country," increased attention, the movie is not on the words was’ the most important of the arts. " The total number reached 20,000 cinema screens and cinemas — 150,000, was more than a hundred of stereoscopic cinema, working on the world’s best system of stereoscopic STEREO-70 (which received the "Oscar" in the "Technical Achievement"). For comparison, in Russia now about 900 cinemas which only 2,500 rooms, of which only a third of today’s digital. And the existing "kinomoschnosti" (or "one who is weak?") Are distributed unevenly, concentrating mainly in large cities, where it is easier to "discourage" a fairly significant investment (equipment only for the cinema costs a hundred thousand dollars, and the construction of the theater even more expensive) . The majority of our population is virtually devoid of access to quality modern "film services," and the current "film distribution" thoroughly commercialized, which is very negative impact on the repertoire — the vast majority of Hollywood movies is a frank kinomusor.

The "heart" (and "brain") of our stereoscopic video server is "STEREOSINEMA-4000" national development, which is capable of showing a "3D" any content "real" stereofilmy displayed "as is" and "flat" on the fly converted into volume and the quality of the "converted stereo" is sufficiently high. Go to the video server can be connected to any digital projector, from inexpensive "ofisnika" tricked up to the "movie-Rolls-Royce" like Christie, but it is preferable to a "composite projector": two low-cost projector in sync, creating an image, almost as good as on the characteristics of the image is much more expensive film projector: resolution "composite projector" 2048h768 pixels at 120 Hz in stereo, and most importantly — twice the brightness, which is crucial for displaying stereoscopic images on large screens. In this case, the price of such "composite projector" is ten times lower than "proprietary" analogue with comparable characteristics ($ 2,500-3,000 versus $ 50,000-70,000).

The relatively low price of video equipment makes it cost-effective to use even in the halls with a capacity of 15-20 people. Furthermore, a small space is simpler and cheaper quality "sound", and may even be located a cinema in the living room. The optimum is to put 50-60 square meters. meters with a ceiling height of 2.7 meters, with the size of the screen will 2.5h6.5 meters. In the hall are set Feb. 12-3-seater sofas with built-in "devices tactile effects" (to put it simply, "shaker"), which enhance the movie experience (especially those where a lot of noise, vzravov etc. :)), a multi- (up to 9.2) speaker-level hi-end, air purifier / humidifier.

That’s our first look stereokinozal (now it does not work, expects the move to new premises):

Room dimensions 9h8h3 meter screen sizes 2.7h7 feet, 12 3 seater sofas (you can lie on inflatable mattresses on the floor in front of screen :)), cost the cinema "turnkey" of 1.2 million, with the price of tickets at 150-200 rubles (for this level of service is quite democratic, besides, there are "preferential category" viewers, and the first two sessions are free at all).

Another room on the first floor of an ordinary house (Chkalovsk Nizhny Novgorod region)

Room dimensions 6.5h5.5h2.5 meter screen sizes 2.2h5.8 meters, 12 2 double sofas with "shaker", 7-channel hi-end-acoustics.

Cinema in the living room of 20 sqm. meters, the equipment is the same, only the number of sofas smaller:

The movie "War is war" (of course, in 3D):

"The Fall of Berlin":

"Zhenya, Zhenya and Katyusha":

See all "modern cinema technology," you can not just movies, but in general any video captured by the camera, even a mobile phone. Generally, in their kinozavedeniyah we use the concept of "movie-on-demand": the viewer orders which video he wants to watch, and we request him perform with maximum efficiency.

Here is the rack with equipment (video server, power speakers, amplifiers for "tryasuchek" bespereboynik)

Remote Control "theater":

Stereo glasses used are the same as in the "branded" cinemas (xPand x101):

At 100% occupancy rate (which for rooms for 36 people to provide not very difficult, especially with the competent repertoire policy), and the most affordable pricing hall pays off in a few months. A place where such zalchik certainly have to court in Russia is still a great deal.


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