Nar — Cheboksary the Chuvash, this stunning town: a cozy, welcoming, clean, and Chuvash kitchen — Yum. I invite you to walk CHEBOKSARY:

2. Railway station.
The main building of the station was built in 1939 and reconstructed in 2003.

3. Cheboksary river port.

4. Chuvash State Opera and Ballet Theatre.

5. On the high bank of the Volga is Memorial Park "Victory."
Monument of Heroes with the Eternal Flame.

6. Museum of military equipment.


8. On the creation of the monument by sculptor AD Shcherbakov and architect GY Zakharov.
The total height of the monument — 16.5 m,

9. Cheboksary fighting cat …)))

10. Art by Kandinsky.


12. The dome.

13. Merchant’s house.

14. Monument Old Chuvashian runic writing.


16. Ostap opened his eyes and stretched, pushing the boat and popping bones.
— Good morning, Kitty, — he said, choking back a yawn. — I come to you with regards to tell that the sun was up, it is hot light on something there fluttered …
— Pier — reported Vorobyaninov. Ostap pulled the guide and managed.
— Apparently — Cheboksary. So, so …
Twelve Chairs.
Chapter XXXV

17. Cheboksary, Chapaev, Cheburashka …
     On the Arbat.

18. National costume.


20. Night views.

21. Quay.

22. Monument "Mother Patroness" — opened May 9, 2003, has become the unofficial symbol of the city of Cheboksary.



Author: DervishV Vitaly Ragulin


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