Cheboksary claim the record — in the Guinness Book!


Celebrating his birthday Cheboksary began with a world record. So many people Red Square have not seen. Thousands of residents have decided to make not just the morning, and the most massive exercises in the world. In unison, they stretch themselves and clapping.

Michael Oqilov: "Charging with a star, the whole town knows about it. Play, which is charged on all day! "

Lada Demidenko: "You feel that you are rallying with other people, even though you do not know them. A feeling that long all know each other. "

To get into the Guinness Book of Records, the residents of Chuvashia had to beat Kiev. They are charging a record 12,000 people gathered. CHEBOKSARY thrown cry: and morning exercises come families, schools, universities, groups of plants and factories. Warming up on charging even old enterprises. 

Were seen, and the first person of Chuvashia. "Charges" officials, deputies, the head of state with his family. With a smile and enthusiasm to the Guinness advanced the city and the employees of our television.

Natalia Kazakova — Counsel TV "Chuvashia": "It was great! Good weather, good mood! All apart energizing and tried to do! "

Crowd of thousands demonstrated exercises eminent sportsmen, the best fitness instructors republic. Encouraged residents and Gena Bukin — Actor Viktor Loginov. Star of the popular series for charging invited as a hedge-liner.

Viktor Loginov — Actor: "Such a huge amount of cohesive, unified people I have not seen. There was a feeling that all as one. A wave of positive mood was laying me. I was surprised at how technology has withstood the flow of positive emotions! "

To those who were far from the stage, I had a hard time — not all be seen and heard. However, through the efforts of all concerned citizens and guests of the capital was surpassed! On charging gathered 17,000 people — more than organizers expected. And by the way, this is only the registered data. Before the start of the townspeople were handing out special bracelets on which and were counted.

Alexander Malov — Head of Physical Education, Sport and Tourism Cheboksary: 17,000 bracelets. But somewhere in 10-15 minutes before the charging bracelets ended, and the people came. I think more than 20,000 people have been. "

Corr. By estimates of the Interior Ministry, on Red Square gathered 28 thousand people! For charging observed by independent experts — four-time Olympic champion Alexander Tikhonov, head of the Interior Ministry — Alexander Petrov, a notary — Vera Mihalukova. They confirmed the massive turnout of citizens. In the next 10 days will be processed documents, they will be sent to the Commission for formal registration record. Then cheboksartsev can say for sure that our city was the largest mass charging in the world.

Nadezhda Davydova — reporter: "For every participant charging organizers have provided one square meter. But closely cheboksartsev not. It was fun and interesting to get the very Olympic record and get into the Guinness Book of Records. "

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