Chelyabinsk Height 239

CTRP — Industry Group metallurgical complex in Russia, one of the largest domestic manufacturers of tubular products with a total market share of about 20%.

The company’s revenue in excess of $ 2 billion in plants CHEP employs about 20,000 people. Among the ten largest pipe manufacturers in the world. CHEP brings together companies and enterprises of ferrous metallurgy: JSC "Chelyabinsk Tube Rolling Plant", JSC "Pervouralsk New Pipe Plant" and others.

On the Open at the Chelyabinsk Pipe Rolling Plant Welding Shop "Height 239" — the first draft of the national "white metal", a brand new type of iron and steel industry based on innovation, the highest level of technology, maximum automation of processes and innovative working conditions, and will be my photo report.

The unusual name of the new production is explained by the fact that the 239 meters — the height of the location, the location of the new plant, corresponding to a height of southern Ural mountains above sea level. The shop produces large-diameter pipes for oil and gas pipelines. They are intended for use in the construction of pipelines in the areas of offshore development, seismically active areas, permafrost areas, difficult terrain, in laying underwater and offshore pipelines.

Walk to start at the factory.

The plant is unusual coloring everything from fences to highlighting all communications and support facilities

Shop "height" is inside the protected perimeter of another — this is due to the REFERENCE in the production of unique technologies, many of which are industrial secrets. And, of course, even though not much of a selection of personnel, with the theft of the Russian factor of production has not been canceled. Straight through the "height"


A general view of the "height"

Size affects the area of the plant is equal to the area of 14 football fields

The second checkpoint

Log in to the shop made a very interesting — you enter the elevator, go up, pass through a small glass tube and find yourself … and find yourself where and why it is there, will talk about later)

239m — a mark above sea level

Gold "arch" — technological driveways for repair of machines and other support transport

So we went up the elevator and get inside the shop and found themselves at a very interesting gallery kakby hovering over production. This is because, as the production is divided arbitrarily into two parts-operation with the steel sheet from which the pipe is actually done, and operations are preformed pipe (welding, grinding, and all sorts of checks rengenom ultrasound, the final shaping, cleaning, etc.). And the gallery separates these two cycles, and under it there are all sorts of necessary and useful facilities such as electrical service. Thoroughly pipe technology I have not studied in detail and not fotodokumentiroval, and the purpose of my stay there was another, so on a granular you a small insight on the production with my comments.


Trees, by the way, live-laurel

All the fun, colorful

On a semi-natural flooring

Exactly the middle of the gallery, and it is about a kilometer long, is dispatching department, but also about her later

Left Gallery, right-to-all sorts of mechanisms to-videos to predvizheniya pipes

Then I climbed up gallery

Two monster the size of a five-storey house in the foreground is the "main" workshop equipment-mighty press, bending steel sheet with a thickness of 2 cm into the pipe. Well, almost to the press after a pipe-pipe is in the form of a closed circle pochi is evident by the way-lay pipe before the presses. Then they expect welding and turning in one piece tube

My guide

Left-empty tub of wood-trees once a month to take preventive inspection

Technical pass over the gallery


Steel sheet crawling on the conveyer in the press


Each leg gallery called "axis" and Numbered

Dispatch center and pass on to the gallery

The second half of the galleries of after-dispatch center. Even without a parquet-floor-filler but a different design of farms

Completion of the gallery. To her left are seen ready-made pipes, and on the right is the start of production, warehouse steel sheets


View of a dispatch from the "back" of the gallery


Dispatching department "Height 239". Left-main control production, and on the right is a large screen with a picture of the whole production cycle


Wood "nodules" on the righ
t — the continuation of flooring galleries

All very succinctly, strictly and transparently

Dispatch center, the view from the shop. Inside the head of the shop talking with German experts working at the factory

Some of the preparations in the steel sheet

Gas cutting of steel strips welded to the sheet — need for a perfect circle on the fold



Let me remind you that this is — "master" unit in the shop, that he oppression of sheet steel pipe

The product from the presses


Another common type of production


Closing "front" of the gallery and dispatching

In the group of CTRP confident that the new shop with modern equipment and technology, fundamentally new emphasis in the work culture, which is the international quality standards, should have its own face. Hence the memorable name and a unique design and architecture department, razarabotanny the way the forces of the architectural department of CHEP and the "E-program" — Ilyshev, Yudanov and Nikolaev.

Thank you!

PS the world’s first milling machine with a different sexual orientation Ivan Dulin I was not detected)

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