Chelyabinsk Plant trailers released a 110-ton semi-trailer

ChMZAP represents a new vysokoramny semi-trailer ChMZAP 99903-070T.

This technique has the all-terrain qualities and is capable of carrying loads of up to 111 tons 



Platform length is 12,200 mm, width — 3600 mm (with wideners — 4250 mm). Suspension spring balance-axis own production ChMZAP. Reinforced frame using a knife steel. ChMZAP axis are hardened in a special furnace and can withstand temperatures down to -50? C.

Heavy load ChMZAP 99903-070T is designed to carry oversized cargo and heavy machinery. Ladders with single-helper spring mechanism for lifting and lowering the angle of entry of 18 degrees.

Fifth wheel load of 30 tonnes unladen trailer weight — 28 tons, the load on the road through the tires — 109 tons

Vysokoramnye ChMZAP semi-trailer equipped with a hot machine, designed for high loads and are the most durable in the CIS.



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