Chelyabinsk produced meat sausage traffic police patrol, copying rod regulator traffic

CHELYABINSK, July 14. On the shelves of stores in Chelyabinsk today appeared unusual sausage, to be amazingly accurate duplicates the size and color of the rod regulator of the road. As the press service of the governor, a unique gift in honor of the anniversary of the traffic police issued a meat-packing plant in Chelyabinsk "Tavria".

Despite the unusual packaging, according to buyers, a gift to taste success — it’s sausage, which, like other products of "Tavria" high quality.

According to the General Director Oleg Kobzev slaughterhouse, the idea was a long time, but to realize it was not easy — the corresponding shell of the suppliers were not. However, the commercial office tried and failed to get the right "striped bag." Produce this "wand" the company plans to, as long as there is a demand for it. Now sausage called "traffic police patrol" on the shelves do not lie.

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