Chelyabinsk students created an electric SUV

Chelyabinsk students presented the first of its kind with an electric off-road performance. Elektrobaggi — an experienced Design pattern.

Bright appearance and unusual characteristics. The idea to create such a car came largely thanks to the ever-growing worldwide demand for SUVs. However, Chelyabinsk students tried to find a cost-effective and environmentally friendly alternative to powerful engines. So the first thing, "LuAZ" has lost the native power unit. "The internal combustion engine we took. Dismantle the cooling system, fuel tank, — Says Andrey Shevchenko, head of the development team. — But after the installation of electric power of 20 kW or 27 hp car almost lost power. As has been finalized and the body, put the carbon fiber instead of metal casing ".  

The batteries are fully charged in eight hours. Accumulated enough energy for about 120 kilometers. At the same time completely absent emissions that pollute the environment. Electronic engine controls. The car is fairly simple to operate, even here there is no clutch. Maximum speed — about a hundred miles an hour. Operating expenses for the same order of 25 hundred rubles. In comparison, a conventional machine is ten times more.

Despite the impressive ability elektrobaggi rarely leaves the university for a test drive made an exception. The fact that the car is not intended for daily use. The first is a laboratory training complex, an example of which students can explore the work of batteries and an electric motor. However, the designers did not exclude the possibility of launching his invention into mass production. "Given that AvtoVAZ has already released the first batch of cars with electric drive, I think that it is possible, — Says Denis Korobatov, chief designer of the project. — Representatives of the plant came to us, the development very much. After that they have entered into a contract with us for the joint development of the car ".

By the way, elektrobaggi — not only a concept car Chelyabinsk students. In garages University waiting in the wings are real racing car, capable of speeds up to two hundred and fifty miles an hour. From design to tuning — completely original work. "This race cars that will be used in world-class competitions. Championships there, which involved cars, designed by students in Europe and America.’s Our goal to get to these events", — Alexander Vozmilov, head of student konnstruktorskogo Bureau, South Ural State University professor.

To put the idea into practice took about a year. Now that the work on the first in Russia elektrobaggi completed, the students are already thinking on a new project. The following spring, they plan to present to the public elektrokabriolet on the basis of "Lada Kalina."

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