CHEMK completed in Magnitogorsk complex reconstruction of ore dressing

Group CHEMK (Chelyabinsk Electric Factory) Magnitogorsk in the village of Kusa district has commissioned an industrial enrichment complex ore and turn it into a concentrate, which is then used for the production of ferrochrome.

Starting a new business in Magnitogorsk has become one of the stages of a large program of environmental and technological upgrading of enterprises group CHEMK. New enrichment complex ore in Kusinsk area — this is only a small part of the overall work CHEMK aimed at improving production processes, taking into account environmental and social components.


"Now, with the launch of the complex and profound modernization, we took to the production of 60 tons per hour, — said Anatoly Petchenkin, director of" Metaglomerat. "- In the future, by the end of the month will be able to produce up to 100 tons per hour."

As a result, now processing volumes have doubled from 25 to 60 tons of ore per month. The main production CHEMK actually got raw material independence, and Kusa area — a stable working company and new jobs. "Thanks to the enterprise level of unemployment in the area has decreased from 13 percent to 5 percent — said Victor Penyagino, head Kusa district. — The company helps solve the problem of social trends and problems of housing and communal services".

Reconstruction of in Magnitogorsk took just over half a year, now enriched with tons of concentrate shipped to the plant every day. The program of environmental and technological modernization will now continue to have other Group businesses "CHEMK."

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