Cheremhovo — the revival of the city

Traveling the Trans-Siberian railway, 130 km from Irkutsk, is bound to attract your attention to the city Cheremhovo. After a long period of contemplation depressed cities and towns in Eastern Siberia, yearning for the bright colors look here waiting for a riot of colors brand new facades … Cheremhovo located in the Irkutsk region, was founded in 1772 as a village Cheremhovo at the post station on the Moscow post road. It received the name from the river. Cheremshanka, so named because of the abundance of bird cherry in the area.

In the second half of the XIX century. found near the village of coal deposits Cheremhovskogo coalfield (Cherembass). However, their development has been initiated only with the arrival of the railroad in the area.

Trans-Siberian Railway was opened for coal Cheremhovskogo new, previously inaccessible markets and he was a large consumer of fuel. Coal began to actively use the steam fleet, which grew rapidly on the Angara and Baikal. He also went on barges along the Angara and Nicholas Luchihinsky iron works, as well as salt production plant in Usole. Near Cheremhovo in 1896 laid the first mine, since the entire history of the city is associated with coal mining.


Around the major coal companies quickly built industrial communities and neighborhoods of houses for employees. Appeared shops, hospitals, schools, developed infrastructure and equip with modern territory.

Cheremhovo increasingly acquired an industrial look and turned into the center of a major coal-producing area of the country in July 1917, Prince Lvov, signed a decree according to which village Cheremhovo received city status. In Soviet times, the city was one of the largest industrial centers in the region.

During the period of adjustment and reform the city began to take their positions. Closed large enterprises have been irretrievably lost many plants.

Cheremhovsky coal suddenly became unnecessary power companies Angara (it began to buy in neighboring regions.) More than 10 thousand specialists in various branches left the city in search of a better life. Were dismantled and sold for scrap metal mining and transport, mining and mineral processing equipment, access roads to the stations. The standard of living cheremhovtsev significantly decreased. The crisis in the industry and the economy has reduced the possibility of the local budget. Began the breakdown of urban life support, the city was destroyed and tumbled into the abyss …

It has come to the point that one of the programs developed on the instructions of the Irkutsk region Cheremhovo designated as unpromising town, he was subject to liquidation, relocation of residents.

After the election of the mayor Cheremhovo VA Semionov and with the advent of the administration team of like-minded people began systematic hard work aimed at the gradual revival of the socio-economic potential of the city.

After 8 years of positive change in the lives of Cheremhovo noticeable at first glance. Everywhere there is a construction: residential buildings, sports facilities, museums, commercial and industrial areas. At the site of the former wastelands has recently depressive monocity miners appear squares and parks.

Here for three years of zero-migration, mortality is reduced, and the birth rate is increasing. The city is stepping up its coal output — up to 4 million 650-thousand tons in 2012.


We Cheremhovo lately — lucky streak. When a few years ago on the streets there were vases of flowers per season could turn and break up to 60 pieces. Light Diffusers beaten so often that they had to change almost every week. Now the city has a floral moose, bears, birds, put on 150 thousand colors and nobody touches it. City Hall and the miners have agreed: Each year the company "VostSibUgol" puts into improving Cheremhovo several million rubles.


Six years ago, worked in Cheremhovo 520 lamps, now — 1860, in the same Usole-Siberian — only 1,300, although the city has more than doubled. This year, do not put more than 140 lights, the whole center is bright, now the priority for the border regions. And they say that Semenov travels through the city, and checks whether all lights are lit.


Developing the social sphere. In the center of the city, just a sea of green lurks sculpture proletarian writer. And on the building in huge letters: «3D-cinema" Maxim ". It opened in prshlom year — a large hall DK loaned Irkutsk company. Name the new theater came up on the competition, space names like "Planet" and "Stratosphere" were rejected, defeated Maxim Gorky.

In yanvare2013 was opened after reconstruction kindergarten for 260 places, to this building for many years been used for other purposes, it was the seat doctors. In August, will open another kindergarten — with 200 seats, its construction is already underway.

Reconstructed in the city and the "Memorial of Glory," it was divided into two zones — a memorial and a rest area. In black granite builders "put" memory wall in red — "Eternal Flame" and the pedestal of the T-34, laid paving slabs and asphalt, installed new lighting poles and fencing. During the reconstruction of the memory is carved on the wall of 4801 name is not returned from the fronts of the Great Patriotic War cheremhovtsev.

Construct a new building of the museum of history "Cherembassa" — a wooden museum will be built of round logs antique, the roof is tiled. The museum provides a large exhibition hall, museum store and administrative offices.

Music School, opened in 2010



Miner monument …

and miners

The track "Love and Pigeons", dedicated to the famous countryman, playwright Vladimir Gurkin

Monument to the three known playwrights Cheremkhovsk land — Alexander Vampilov, Vladimir Gurkin and Michael Varfolomeev

Training college

Near the monument to the teacher

New house on the street Stakhanov

New residential house on Ordzhonikidze

Quarter of new homes for war veterans and immigrants from the damaged houses

City Administration

Fountain "Miners"

Fountain on Plehanova Street

another fountain

Monument to the sailors

Children’s polyclinic № 2, opened after renovation in 2011

Overhaul of houses

FOK "Hramtsovsky", opened in December 2012

One of the largest investment projects in the city — chemical-metallurgical plant, whose construction within 2 years of being "from scratch." The development of the project investors have already invested more than 600 million rubles, the plant is scheduled to start soon. Experimental Module chemical and metallurgical plant — production is unique for Russia. These plants are found only in India, Japan, the U.S. and China. Iron here in Cheremhovo unlike blast furnaces will receive a new method — using in the process of coal. The number of employees on the first module capacity of 100 thousand tons of iron ore will be 120 people, with access to the full capacity of all 10 modules of the plant will produce 1 million tons, and the number of employees will increase to 800.



The second project is implemented in the territory of the former cardboard Roofing Plant St. Petersburg company "Penopleks-holding." This year already running a new plant producing 100,000 cubic meters of insulation per year.

The city is trying to get away from all-out coal-based, looking for and finding new investors. Revived production at the former machinery factory, now houses the Company "Cheremhovgidromash" — the company produces pumps for the oil and gold CCIA.

On the former hosiery mill company "PG-STROM" launched production of permanent formwork for the construction of low-rise buildings. The raw material used for the production of chips — the remnants of forest products, and cement.

Stop at this city is not going to plan the construction of a cement plant, the raw material will be supplied with Tsagaan Hodinskogo limestone deposit, located in Tcheremkhovo area, there is a project for the production of silicon.

All the activities of the administration Cheremhovo aims to become the city from which you do not want to leave, but vpechatlyaniya of his visits were only pleasant.

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