Cherepovets farmers beat the 20-year-old record for milk yield

Agriculture under the Cherepovets (Vologda region). Rapidly increase milk production. Manufacturers believe that we have achieved such astonishing results thanks to modern technology and the quality of the grass. According to local farmers, in Cherepovets area of milk production was in 1990.

"In May, a cow on the average milk yield of 421 kilograms of milk, once considered a good indicator of 350-370 pounds" — says a leading specialist local Ivestock Svetlana Smirnova. 

This efficiency is due to several factors. Besides the high quality of the grass, yielding results improved breeding, raising the level of work culture and the use of modern technology. Particularly distinguished themselves on these indicators larger farms, such as "bots", "October", "Shuhobodskoe", "Myaksinsky."

More than half of all dairy herds (3500 cows) in Cherepovets area is stocked with vitamins in the fresh air. But grazing is not all farms. For example, in "Myaksinskom" and "bots" prefer the year-round maintenance of a stall, as in European countries, where cattle graze almost. 

The growth of gross production entails a reduction in the purchase price of milk. In February, refiners were paying an average of 15-17 rubles per kilogram, now the upper limit stop at 14.

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