Cherepovets Iron and Steel introduces a system of two electric bridge cranes

in steelmaking

At the Cherepovets Steel Mill, one of the largest integrated steel mill in the world (part of the Division "Severstal Russian Steel"), within the framework of the investment program replacing faucets steelmaking ready for commissioning two electric bridge cranes with electromagnets, worth $ 203 million rubles.

New faucets installed in the shop flame treatment and shipment of cast slabs converter instead of the old, outdated equipment. Load capacity of 70 tons each, weight — 235 tons.

Cranes are equipped with variable frequency drives of all, air conditioning system control room. Cab drivers are made with improved visibility and air conditioning system. On the faucets installed capacity constraints and parameters recorders.

The company has carried out the supply of cranes "GOSH FOM" (Serbia), and their installation — of "Cherepovetsstalkonstruktsiya-1." Design documentation for the installation of new equipment to comply OOO "Severstal Project."

Cranes are assembled, registered in Rostekhnadzor, currently held their complex testing under load. In the coming days, a new technique for 72 hours will be hot tests, after which will be put into commercial operation.

"Installation of the new equipment is made in accordance with the Trust’s investment plan of replacement cranes steelmaking. The program is implemented in the maintenance of fixed assets, — says Director of Production, Chief Engineer Battalion "Severstal Russian Steel" Andrey Lutsenko. — The program is a long-term and generally provides for the replacement of bridge cranes steel production capacity from 16 to 520 tons, providing the steel production process. "

The program, which started in 2011, by now replaced by five process cranes (including the ones that will be put into operation in the next few days) and two repair. This year’s planned replacement of four cranes.

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