Cherkizovo launches its largest Russian agro-industrial project

The "Cherkizovo" is launching the largest in the Russian agro-industrial project in Elec Lipetsk region for construction complex large-scale production and processing of poultry meat.

The total amount of planned investment of 19.5 billion rubles, including VAT (about 685 million U.S. dollars), with 80% of that amount borrowed funds provided by JSC Bank "Gazprombank". Credit is given for a period of 10 years.

The first stone at the site of Russia’s largest poultry complex laid June 28, 2011.

The head of the region, Oleg Korolev, stressed that the new complex will accelerate the socio-economic development is not only Eltsa, but also the neighboring areas — Eletski, Zadonskiy and Krasninsky. "In the next three years in the tourism and recreation zone" Elec "and" Zadonschina "from all sources of funding will be invested four billion rubles. This is a huge investment in the region, the creation of new jobs. Given the completion of the new part of the federal highway" Don "This will give a significant increase in quality of life."

Recall that in May 2009, a tripartite agreement was signed between the Ministry of Agriculture of the Russian Federation, Administration of Lipetsk and OAO "Cherkizovo" on the establishment of agro-industrial complex. Today, the company announced a major part of the project. The project is planned to be completed within 3 years.

The project will enable the Group "Cherkizovo" by 2015 to increase production of poultry to 420 thousand tons. At the same time, the production of poultry in live weight will be more than 500,000 tons. Also, as part of the production of hatching eggs will increase to 315 million units. 2015, and thus there would be total self-sufficiency for the group, said the report "Cherkizovo".

The complex, including all technology cycles, designed in accordance with current regulations of the European Union, which will in the future hold for the certification of production of exports. At the same time, the construction and operation of the project will meet the latest environmental standards, environmental protection and safety. It is planned that production will begin in 2013, and at full capacity the project will be released in late 2015.

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