CherMK increases the profitability of pig iron through the use of coke fines

At the Cherepovets Steel Mill, one of the largest integrated steel plant (part of Severstal Russian Steel Division "), has successfully implemented a project to develop technologies using iron in a blast furnace coke fines provided in the 2011 savings of 338 million rubles.

Project on the use of fine coke in blast furnaces being introduced in order to reduce costs and improve the profitability of production of pig iron. The project is to use as a fuel in blast furnaces, not only large and, consequently, more expensive coke, but forming screenings — coke fines.

Experiments on the use of small coke held for 9 months of 2011, including the blast furnace number 5. In particular, in Europe’s largest iron-unit was first used in the practice of coke fractions 10-25 mm, whereas the previously used as fuel fraction is at least 40 mm.

"In the course of the experiments have been worked out and implemented measures to enable the use of small coke to keep the technical and economic parameters of blast furnaces", — says Director of Operations — Chief Engineer Battalion "Severstal Russian Steel" Andrey Lutsenko.

According to him, due to the use of coke fines, which had previously sold to third parties, the consumption of imported coke decreased by 43 thousand tons, making it possible to save 338 million rubles. "The technology of smelting iron using coke as fuel dropout CherMK plans to use in the current year. The projected impact of the project in 2012, according to calculations, should be about 400 million rubles. ", — Said A. Lutsenko. 

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