CherMK mastered 42 new types of products

Cherepovets Steel Mill — the biggest asset of the steel segment division "Severstal Russian Steel" — in 2010 mastered 42 new types of products (CWP), which exceeds the previous year (2009 — 27 new species).

GNP growth is associated with overcoming the crisis in the economy, the growing need for innovative products with higher performance and added value.

The largest number of NVP CherMK in 2010 proposed to FEC. In particular, in 2000 the mill sheet rolling shop number 2 the technology of metal production of steel in thicknesses of 20 CSX 6-10mm, low-corrosive non-metallic inclusions, which improves the durability of oilfield pipelines to local corrosion. Supplies of this kind of rolled steel in coils and sheets were made to the JSC "VSW" (Vyksa) and JSC "Chelyabinsk Tube Rolling Plant" (Chelyabinsk) for the production of pipes used in the development of oil fields in the harsh climatic conditions of eastern Siberia.

A wide range of new products mastered the mill 5000 for another asset division — JSC "Izhora Pipe Plant" (Kolpino, Saint-Petersburg ".) In particular, the mill had produced the first commercial batches K60 steel in thicknesses of 32.6 and 37 , 9 mm for pipe diameters up to 1420 mm at a working pressure 120 atmospheres. pipes with a wall thickness of high-end consumer gives a number of advantages such as increased reliability of the pipeline, the possibility to run in harsh climatic conditions. in industrial scale for the first time they were made and are applied when laying the linear part of the pipeline "Bovanenko-Ukhta," project "Yamal".

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