CHETRA increases the supply of forestry machinery in Latin America

In Krasnoyarsk JSC "Kraslesmash" 8 logging machines under the brand CHETRA prepare to head to Cuba under the state contract for the supply of equipment. In Havana arrive 3 logger LT-188 and 5 choker skidding machines TT-4M-23 K-04 in the tropical climate.

Timber jaw-LT-188 is designed for timber loading on trucks used forestry, piling and other handling operations. Choker machine TT-4M-23, K-04, designed for skidding semisubmerged condition, trim and earthing up logs and trees.

For the acceptance of domestic technology and complete sets of spare parts factory warranty "Kraslesmash" (part of the holding company "Concern" Tractor plants ") visited the General Director of" CHETRA Forest "Leonid Okladnikov and representatives of the Republic of Cuba — specialists of the companies« Transimport »and« Agricultura »Jorge Padilla and Nora Gonzalez.

Cubans have noted a good training technique for shipment. Between Cuban companies, the plant "Kraslesmash" and LLC "Ivekta" signed a tripartite agreement for the acceptance of technology. 8 cars were modernized with the wishes of the Cuban party in connection with the climatic characteristics of the region where you plan to operate the equipment. Appliances under the brand CHETRA to send to Cuba received a special anti-corrosion protection, air conditioners, as well as the hydraulic cylinders in the tropical climate.

Leonid Okladnikov noted that "Technique brand CHETRA meets the highest international standards and is the epitome of cutting-edge technology and years of experience in the industry of modern forestry machinery

Cuba will be delivered and the annual full set of spare parts for quick repair of equipment. Cuban has already begun training of service technicians. "
In connection with the completion of manufacturing, testing and preparation for shipment of tractors and loggers technicians plant "Kraslesmash" go to Cuba to unload equipment from the ship and starting-up and adjustment works.


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